Re_Hamatora Episode 9 Review

This might be a minor tidbit but the opening shots are all of Momo, Master and Neko and some key Freemum characters…

Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Re_Hamatora Episode 9 (3)Even though Hajime-chan has been rescued, she’s still not the same useful ignorant, cheery and gluttonous (LOL) self that she used to be. As our main characters start REHEARSALS for a children’s play… Art is plotting more. Let’s call them the Hamatora Theatre Troupe LOL. If anything, the crazy Hamatora antics serve to cheer up Hajime-chan after her traumatic incident. She looks so cute with long hair. I really want to ship her with Nice now…

Honestly the second season thus far has felt so disconnected just because Art is always doing his thing and the good guys are doing their own thing. They really should have alluded more to Momo’s role in the plot because apparently she’s been sponsoring these Freemum guys to do their shady business. Now Momo wants Art to become the Freemum idol.

Re_Hamatora Episode 9 (4)My problem with Hamatora right now is that none of the characters have taken any action to drive the plot forward or even INVESTIGATE. I understand that Hamatora isn’t getting any cases and therefore not making any money but seriously, they could devote their time to secretly investigating the Freemum group or Art’s schemes behind the scenes. Somehow, it feels as if Nice and his friends are just waiting for Art to strike and deal with him only when they REALLY have to in those scenes. In the first half of the series, we got a deeper look at the disparity between the Facultas graduates and the Freemum members but that fell short after Murasaki’s brutal incident, Art’s minimum reveal and the hospital filler.

Re_Hamatora Episode 9 (5)There are so many great ways they could have made use of the minimum in the second season. I felt like they should have made minimum evolve rather than develop a Nihilist minimum. Don’t get me wrong, Hajime-chan’s minimum IS a really unique concept but it doesn’t showcase THAT MUCH action on screen. The theme of prejudice and inequality pop up now and then but both are not executed well and almost seem like empty attempts to string together the random scenes in some sort of coherent scheme. It doesn’t help that the episodes are used to using insert cards to transition perspectives and settings.

Re_Hamatora Episode 9 (2)Art is now approaching the public with his “ordinary man-saviour” image preaching for minimum-holder-rights, inequality and freedom. All the religious imagery just adds to the monkey-act that Art is putting up to convince his followers. His monologue is interspersed with scenes of another man who is speaking at a meeting about how minimum-holders are beasts. So there are technically four side of the spectrum the story is trying to juggle – 1) The Freemums and Art, 2) The completely anti-minimum lobbyists, 3) The good guys and main characters at Hamatora and 4) Everyone else (cause right now we have no idea how the populous is going to react to all of these factions.

Re_Hamatora Episode 9 (15)This all escalates very quickly and it’s basically revealed that the minimum-holders – or at least the ones following Art – want a sovereign state for their own people. The only problem is… we don’t exactly know what Art is planning in the back of his mind and I get the sense that he’s the wild card in all this. I wouldn’t put it past the writers to throw an Art twist into this near the end.

They seem to be cramming quite a bit of material into the episode because as the credits are rolling, Birthday catches Ratio on a phone call with someone. They wrap up the episode with a few remarks on how nice it is to see Nice acting his age haha BUT JUST AS YOU THINK IT’S ALL EASYGOING, Birthday’s symptoms pop up. I guess his minimum might be the next to go. GOSH BIRTHDAY DON’T DIE. YOU PROMISED RATIO YOU WOULDN’T DIE BEFORE HIM OHMIGOSH. It’s really only what we’ve seen of Birthday and Ratio’s back story in season one that anchors me to their characters because they virtually got no significant screen time in this season.

Ratio says he has to find the healing minimum holder in order to counteract the nihilist minimum and just as Hamatora is cleaning up the café, Hajime-chan has disappeared, leaving only a letter for Nice.

You could literally have started the episode at Art’s monologue and watched only the rolling credits because there were only a few snippets that actually contributed to the overall plot and conflict of season two. I guess if the healing minimum-holder is discovered, he or she can actually cure all the characters but there hasn’t been any build-up to it in general and for all we know it could be some random supporting character that appears for A SCENE and then dies or something. Hamatora is just full of surprises thus far… and not all of them good. I like a good plot mystery that keeps you entertained and on edge, but Hamatora is all over the place and has a habit of dropping important lines, scant scenes or shady but significant moments whenever it likes.

Favourite moments: The Nice X Hajime fluff

– Cloudy

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