Glasslip Episode 10 Review

NO SA-CHAN. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DO A CONFESSION. YOU DON’T CONFESS TO FRIENDS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP. WHAT WAS THAT EVEN?!?!?And somehow Hiro is okay with all this while Touko just looks confused.

Glasslip Episode 10 (2)

Glasslip. Just… no.

Rating: 2/5 complacent clouds crop_2-complacentcloudst

If you haven’t noticed, the episode is called “Jonathan,” I like how it’s titled after the chicken and not actually anything in the show cause the chicken is actually the most consistent element of the storytelling.

Glasslip Episode 10 (9)Touko just stands there thinking how nice it is for Yana to decide on a fresh start. That’s right Touko, other characters are doing more than you are. Geez, every time we see Touko she’s just doing all sorts of nothing.

Kakeru, on the other hand, can’t hear any more fragments of the future… FOR SOME REASON… OR NO REASON. JUST CAUSE HE MET TOOKO? CMON WRITERS. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT.

Glasslip Episode 10 (4)Yukinari returns to town in this episode as well and ends up catching Yana-chan running.

Then for some reason Kakeru decides to go and talk to Sachi about how Touko makes him feel at home and how he needs her to help him. Sachi says she doesn’t know any more about the shiny things than Kakeru or Touko … HONESTLY NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE SHINY THINGS. AND WE’RE AT EPISODE 10/12 FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE.


Glasslip Episode 10 (5)And finally, the other characters ask Kakeru the question we’ve all been waiting, “Do you like Touko?” like ACTUALLY like her?!?? And why does Touko have to sit in the friggin tent with Kakeru’s parents when she goes over to visit their house? Why can’t they sit in the room at the table like normal people? Why does Kakeru even camp out in his own backyard? Stop being so confusing Glasslip. Somehow I feel like the Touko-meet-the-parents scene is supposed to be some comic relief for all the “dark” psychic scenes we got in the last show. Even the score track in the background has a light jump to it.

We flip scenes to Yana and Yuki halfway in the episode (who are a much more exciting couple). Yana is returning from her run and Yuki is waiting for her with a bottle of water (just like she used to). How cute.

We finally get a few shots of the glass in this episode too. Is that supposed to be some weak attempt at making a title reference?

Glasslip Episode 10 (1)Touko has now decided to bring the glass marble around with her and right when she peers through it, she has a vision of snow again. This girl decides to return to school and TWIST she discovers a chicken missing. She went from wanting to talk to Kakeru to taking care of Jonathan. She ends up seeing Kakeru at the school again and of course Kakeru has also missed her. They meet in the art room.

Is Touko just dreaming? Or maybe she’s like mentally-deranged and we’ll get some shot of her hallucinating it all in a hospital bed or straitjacket at the end of the series. Glasslip Episode 10 (13)Maybe Jonathan is an evil chicken manipulator that’s causing the fragments. At this point, ANYTHING STILL GOES… and then WHAT RANDOM KISS SCENE?!?!?!?!?? That kiss was unwarranted, unannounced and uncalled for. Rather than giving us the one random kiss scene that is required in a slice of life “romance” series that Glasslip is aiming for, why don’t the writers devote more time to properly flushing out the mystery and hints of the actual reasons for the glass theme in the series. What in the world does the kiss even do for the characters OR the audience? Kakeru doesn’t come off as a passionate type that’ll just pull Touko into an embrace, nor was there any real build-up in the scenes into the kiss. JUST A RANDOM ENDCARD. WOW. OKAY GLASSLIP. YOU TRIED WITH THAT ROMANCE. YOU REALLY TRIED.

Favourite part of the show: Random cameo of Nagi no Asukara look alike characters (Miuna and Sayu)

Glasslip Episode 10 (15)

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Glasslip Episode 10 Review

  1. You just described exactly how I felt >_<
    For some reason I'm still keeping up with the show, hoping maybe at the end something will happen.
    That Nagi no Asukara reference lol. I thought that was the bad version of Miuna and Sayu XD

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