Akame Ga Kill Episode 10 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 (16)Soooooo Tatsumi ends up recruited into the Jaegers… and you’d think that a fearsome general like Esdese would do a background check on someone as important and close to her as her LOVER. LE LOLLLLLLLL

The owner of Coro is probably freakier than the teigu dog himself. Kurome is still probably my favourite antagonist of the show… if we can call her an antagonist right now. Wave continues to be the comic relief among the Jaegers. As Tatsumi learns more and more about the Jaegers, we, the audience also get a firsthand look at how the Jaegers fight.

Lots of fan service this episode for Esdese fans.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 (18)I sort of fear for Tatsumi’s life… or rather, his physical wellbeing because I have no doubt that Esdese will wear the pants in this relationship and top the crap out of that little boy. Again, I don’t personally find Esdese attractive nor do I think she’s a cute or pretty character in general but a lot of male fans seem to waifu-status her a lot. No offense but Esdese is pretty sadistic. She doesn’t hesitate at all to SLAP Tatsumi in the face and then easily licks the wound affectionately after. She blushes like a school girl, but she slaughters as a merciless general. I do give props to Tatsumi for standing up to Esdese and telling her off. Esdese and Tatsumi run into their very first uh… couples conflict. Lesson of the day: never try to change your partners’ ideals, it never works well.

I can’t believe that Esdese is asking her team for love advice but Bols is pretty adorable since he’s married. I swear, Esdese is courting Tatsumi… she even wants to impress him with her show of strength by hunting beasts LOL

Akame Ga Kill Episode 9 (30)I so ship Wave and Kurom. Also, Tatsumi and Wave would make great friends. I guess because Tatsumi is such a hero-figure, he can’t help but instinctively save Wave in battle. Wave’s obliviousness does make it easy for Tatsumi to escape hahaha and I’m surprised how quickly Wave can shift gears once he’s thrown into battle (He’s pretty cool when he transforms).  It’ll also make for an interesting battle between the boys when Night Raid needs to fight the Jaegers because Tatsumi and Wave have similar armoured teigu. Too bad Tatsumi’s got the best… or worst, luck and ends up running into a wild beast, and Akame.

LOL Coro saluting is too cute. Even if it turns into a giant man-eating creepy teigu, I still want one.

I have no doubt that Esdese’s love for Tatsumi will save his ass in some future battle…

The good doctor of the Jaegers and his ugly but enhanced soldiers scent Tatsumi back to the mountain where Night Raid is hidden… leaving us on an impending note. I’m looking forward to seeing Akame fight Kurome and the rest of Night Raid fight the Jaegers. Akame Ga Kill is proceeding pretty steadily this season.

– Cloudy

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