Ao Haru Ride Episode 10 Review

“No matter how much he pretends he doesn’t care, no matter how coldly he tries to act, at the end of the day, he’s kind… I know that.” – Futaba

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Ao Haru Ride Episode 10 (2)Part of what makes Ao Haru Ride such a great show is that we always get internal monologue from Futaba, which gives us a lot more insight to her personality and emotions of the time. The first half of the episode picks up the Makita and Kou awkwardness from Futaba’s perspective. Futaba ends up finding out that Makita found out about Kou’s deceased mother and Futaba is so curious about Kou that she ends up heading back to ask Kou about the awkward silence. Kou does tell Futaba about what happened and Futaba ends up feeling really guilty about being too absorbed in her own insecurities.

Kou and Futaba share a quiet moment when Futaba starts to cry. She tells Kou that she really wants Kou to stay and I’m pretty surprised at how emotional Futaba gets.


Ao Haru Ride Episode 10 (32)Ao Haru Ride Episode 10 (33)

Still, Ao Haru Ride is chock full of deep and mature emotional moments rather than mere shoujo fluff and I love how the getting-to-know-each-other aspects between Futaba and Kou are progressing at an even pace. Ao Haru Ride Episode 10 (39)Though you know from the shoujo-styled story that Futaba and Kou will SOMEHOW end up together, the story so far and Kou especially, makes you doubt at times because he’s so closed-off from everyone around him. From Futaba, on the other hand, you get the sense that she’s constantly, constantly chasing after Kou to try and understand his new personality and new life. As much as Kou acts like he doesn’t care, he can’t help but get swept up in the moment because of his feelings for Futaba.

Somehow I feel like Tanaka-sensei gets the short end of the story because we don’t get much of his point of view even in the manga despite his connection to Murao and back story with Kou. Ao Haru Ride Episode 10 (45)It was hard for Tanaka to take care of his mother, his brother AND juggle his career. It’s no wonder that Kou seems to resent Tanaka for being so distant. Despite all this, I still think Tanaka is a really good brother and Futaba’s so attached to Kou that she ends up crying for his sake pretty often… at this point Kou really needs to get his act together, decide and act on his feelings. The more that Futaba gets to know the new Kou, the more she realizes how much he’s going through since middle school… Maybe it isn’t that Kou cares too little, rather that he’s afraid to care again because once he starts caring, he ends up caring too much and it kills him to lose his loved ones.

Makita and Futaba meet at the rooftop and they talk about how things have been going for either of them. It’s so hard to juggle friendship with love especially when these two girls like the same guy. Makita is still a super sweet girl and even the kindest people are only human. I love how Io Sakisaka writes friendship because she never breaks apart good friends for the sake of a relationship and it’s one of the aspects that makes her characters so lovable.

– Cloudy

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