Free! Eternal Summer Episode 11 Review

If you have a dream, you should chase after it, with every second and every fibre of your being. But your friends’ dreams are also your dreams and success means nothing if it’s attained alone.

That’s what I learned from Sousuke this week.

And I LOVEEEEEE seeing Sousuke smile at ease now. It’s nice to see him find contentment in his own place in life. After all, there IS more to life than swimming. There, I said it, the blasphemous lines that we never mention when it comes to Free. Come at me fangirls.

Rating: 4.25/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 11 (21)LOL MOMOTARO’S CRUSH ON GOU IS JUST TOO CUTE.

Rei and Nagisa get more scenes in this episode because they’re kind of solidifying their impending senpai-partnerships for the swim club to welcome new members in the next year. Both are also really concerned over Haru and keep trying to figure out what Haru’s thinking (like the rest of us). I’m almost certain that Nagisa and Rei won’t go into professional swimming (Rei maybe but not likely because he’s pretty academically intellectual).

Just as things are wrapping up nicely for the Samezuka team, the Iwatobi club is struggling with their relay work. Haru’s character just raises an important question when it comes to the show, “What does it mean to be truly Free?” From this perspective, the show comes full circle with season two’s themes of the future and life outside high school. It seems like every single character gets their own scene and conversation with Haru in the progression of Haru’s decisions. You get your sweet Nagisa and your worrisome Rei, to the patient Rin and aggressive Sousuke. Probably the closest person to Haru and the one who understands him the most is Makoto of course.

And DAYUMM, Makoto has an intense talk with his waifu, because he’ll support Haru in everything he does but he does hope that Haru makes a decision that’ll lead him to happiness. But then Haru wonders out loud, if he could even find a dream if he went looking for one. Free! Eternal Summer Episode 11 (27)HOLY CRAP this IS the first time Makoto has gotten THAT ANGRY AND WORKED UP over Haru. My goodness, Makoto, that boy just cares too much. Haru does go over the edge and he actually RETALIATES at Makoto. Makoto tells Haru that he’ll be heading to Tokyo for University and LOL this is sounding more and more like a break-up confessional scene. Haru really wants everything to stay the same. I mean, no one wants to grow up and change can be hard, but it’s a part of life…

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 11 (31) Free! Eternal Summer Episode 11 (32)

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SECOND SEASON SOUNDTRACK ERMAHGOD. SO MANY INTENSE FEELS. I love how each of these boys have emerged as well-rounded characters in the span of two seasons – two seasons done immensely well. The animation helps too…

Surprisingly, we get some scenes of Haru and Rin after the credits roll to give us a breather with the Haru and Makoto stuff. We see Rin grab Haru at his house and go to… AUSTRALIA?!???!? OMG WHERE IS THIS GOING?!?? THIS IS CRAZY!!


Free! Eternal Summer Episode 11 End Card

– Cloudy

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Looking for the Free Eternal Summer Episode 11 vlog?

Sept 11- Right now I’m still in the process of moving into my new residence in Manchester so I haven’t had time to sit down and film. Hopefully you fangirls and guys enjoyed this post. Once all my school stuff has been worked out, I’ll vlog I swear! In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a great September ^_^

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