Re_Hamatora Episode 10 Review

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

I actually enjoyed episode ten of Re_Hamatora a lot more than the scattered string of scenes we’ve seen thus far. We pick up at Café Nowhere where Nice and the others have just discovered Hajime’s letter. Although Hajime’s new motives are completely unknown at the moment along with Art’s motives remain unknown. However we do end up finding out that Saikyou, the rich florist lady, is really only playing villain cause she’s a BORED RICH BUSINESS LADY.

Re_Hamatora Episode 10 (7)That’s weak.

There was so much building up to Saikyou’s mysterious background especially with her involvement with Moral in the first season and this week it was a pretty anti-climactic reveal. Luckily, things get simpler for the audience with Saikyou’s “entertainment” motives out of the way. Art still remains as the most enigmatic character in the show and he’s been in the background for a few episodes now. Even though he wants Nice to be dead, he needs to be the one to personally deliver the kill (or at least that’s the impression I get from Art’s obsessions with Nice) so in that sense he’s waiting for just the right moment…

Hajime, who was either kidnapped, or joined of her own free will, becomes a key character between both groups of characters. Nice and his allies go on a goose chase (goose hunt?) to save their friends before bombs detonate in various locations.

Re_Hamatora Episode 10 (22)The most interesting part of the episode was probably Nice’s fight with Ratio. Both are close-combat fighters but in immensely different ways. Ratio is a hardcore melee type while Nice’s fighting style is entirely his own according to his sonic minimum. Though it seems like the minimum side effects haven’t been affecting Nice as much in the second season, we do see him pretty injured in the fight with Ratio. In the end, Art intervenes and saves both Ratio and Hajime, though the Healer minimum-holder, who was also taken hostage with Haijme has lost his minimum due Hajime’s negative emotional reactions to seeing her friends fight and die for her. To be honest, I hadn’t pinned Hajime as an entirely emotional character. Since she’s been missing her memories for the entire first season and most of the second season, she’s been living in blissful ignorance. Now, her past is coming back to haunt her and she can’t help but be overwhelmed by the fear and anxiety that comes with the responsibility of her minimum.

I’m actually really curious about what Nice actually feels for Hajime… is it brotherly-sibling love? Or sweet childhood friend affection? Perhaps it really is romantic love, I sure ship them together. Re_Hamatora Episode 10 (23)Would Nice really have killed Ratio to save Hajime? You could seriously argue that both ways. Nice would have overstepped his boundaries as the main hero “good guy” if he killed his friend, but at the same time, we know just how protective Nice is over Hajime… I really wish we got more Hajime plot or character development – even mundane slice of life scenes – before we were thrown into her back story and new character conflict in season 2.

At the end of the episode, it seems like Hamatora’s hit the lowest of the low in the dip and like I said before, things need to get a hell of a lot worse before they can start the slow crawl up the slope of resolution and (hopefully) happy ending. Ratio, Birthday, Murasaki, and let’s say Hajime and Honey as well, are pretty out of it because of the minimum side-effects and Art’s devious plotting… Re_Hamatora Episode 10 (25)It kind of sucks to see the good guys on the losing end at such a dreadful state but technically there should be only two or three episodes left (cause I can’t find an episode reference online) and we can surely wait for Art’s plot twists or reveals very soon.

We’ve played the waiting game this long, Hamatora, now let’s see how you’ll wrap it all up.

– Cloudy

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