Glasslip Episode 11 Review

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds (just for Yana and Yuki -,-) Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

“Kakeru-kun, I wonder if you really like me” – (LOL) TO BE HONEST TOUKO. WE ALL WONDER THAT TOO.

Glasslip Episode 11 (5)

Hahaha so after all the conspiracy theories about the kiss being a Touko hallucination or another vision… it acutally happened. AND NOW Kakeru wonders if he actually likes the girl he just kissed. Awks.

Glasslip Episode 11 (3)

“What’s that? My sister’s dating an emotionless loser? Oh.”

At this point in the series, there are three couples. Touko X Kakeru, Sachi X Hiro and Yana X Yuki. Kakeru and Touko don’t make sense AT ALL. Neither of them understand what it actually means to hold a proper relationship and they end up making this weird platonic partnership just because they both hallucinate future fragments. Then for some reason, Kakeru invites Touko’s entire family over to their place to listen to Kakeru’s mother play piano. I guess Touko is attached to Kakeru now but Kakeru is planning on going to listen to perhaps go abroad with his mother. Why the hell are Touko and Kakeru even considered the main characters? They haven’t done anything and I don’t understand how the happy music montage makes things better…

Glasslip Episode 11 (6)

There’s three too many Kakerus in this show.

Again, WHY DOES KAKERU LIVE IN A TENT?!?? Why have none of my questions been addressed? AND WHY ARE THERE THREE KAKERUS?!??

Let’s move on. Cause we have to.

Sachi and Hiro seem to work out most of their little relationship problems I guess. Sachi has more or less apologized to Hiro for dragging him into her selfish decision to intrude on Touko and “David.” Now the couple have gone hiking together. Glasslip Episode 11 (12)On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best of course, I give the couple maybe a score of 2 or 3. There was a lot of potential there between their characters’ contrasting personalities and lifestyles but none of it was really executed well. Still, they’ve been canon still day one so I’ll let that slide because there are worst things in Glasslip to talk about. Hiro is a pretty charming character and he does end up carrying Sachi’s bag AND Sachi down the mountain.

My FAVOURITE couple of the series has to be Yana and Yuki. Although they both started out in this awkward love triangle with Touko, for once, it was a good thing that Glasslip mentions plot elements and forgets them because when Yuki returns from his school trip, he ends up accompanying Yana to her dance practice. It’s SO CUTE cause he’s literally the only guy standing by the side of the room next to a bunch of other girls waiting for their dance friends hahaha. I really wish the story did more to showcase Yuki’s change of feelings. I mean, I’d like to believe that Yuki really has started to crush on Yana now. After all he hasn’t seen Touko in like SEVEN EPISODES LOL so hopefully that’s all done with. Yuki did mention that he wants to have one more talk with Touko however so perhaps that will come up in the last episode.

I enjoyed how the episode bounced around to each couple to reveal their different lots in life, where they are, whether they’re content or contemplative BUT there would be more emotional impact if we ever CARED about these characters. It worked for Yana and Yuki. Kakeru and Touko are just the WORST MAIN CHARACTER PAIR I have ever seen. Gawd it’s bad.

All the characters decide (on their own)’ to go to Kazemichi so I guess they’ll all convene conveniently for the series to end

What’s with the snow?!?? What’s with the chickens sitting in the snow?!??


– Cloudy

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3 thoughts on “Glasslip Episode 11 Review

  1. haha I love reading recaps/reviews on Glasslip xD.
    For the question why Kakeru is living in a tent, well I ‘ve just watched 2 episodes (and dropped because of my otaku instincts haha xD) and the dad said something like his room hasn’t been renovate yet.
    You’re right, Yuki and Kana are really the most interesting Characters and the main characters are just …urgh, why?.
    I mean I don’t mind stereotypical mysterious guy and loudly cheerful heroine, but sometimes I think he could be a hidden serial killer and she sniffed too much on glue .___.’.

    Well thanks for the recaps! :3

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