Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 Review

Mr. Stylish’s soldiers look like ugly hookers. Sorry. Not sorry. This series could improve a bit with the character designs LOL

Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 (5)

The episode jumps around to different characters during the raid so today’s review jumps around with some of my thoughts…

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 (8)Ugh, now theres an ugly mofoo using Sheele’s old teigu. Luckily he doesn’t last long.

I love Mine’s look in this battle though. Love the hairband and Mine takes advantage of the moment to take revenge for Sheele. LOVE THE BLAST.

Najenda appears with two new soldiers, the three of them riding on a huge Danger Beast. Time for some new members in Night Raid… Man I really wish the mangaka told the story from Akame’s point of view because she is so much more interesting as an assassin and a girl than Tatsumi. Maybe I’m just not a big fan of battle action headstrong protagonists.

Leone reappears with a vengeance twelve minutes of being unconscious LOL She’s always great comedic relief.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 (18)

Not sure how I feel about Doctor Stylish other than the fact that he’s a sadistic bastard that likes to experiment on people.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 (10)

Tatsumi’s Incursio comes in handy though as it gives him a full defense against poisons or other projectiles. It helps that he can turn invisible as well. The other members of Night Raid are somewhat incapacitated but luckily out new Night Raid members appear. The first is Susanoo who I really enjoyed reading because his fighting style is SO STRAIGHTFORWARD. The animation just doesn’t hold back on the blood here omg. Susanoo has a biological teigu so he’s pretty immune to things. This is hinted at when Susanoo smooths out Mine’s hair but he’s pretty much a neat freak LOL

Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 (24)THIS ALL ESCALATES QUICKLY when Dr Stylish goes into monster mode and tries to uh eat his enemies. Gross.

I love the teamwork between Akame and Tatsumi, using Murasama to go for the monster’s heart. Actually, the teamwork between all the members of Night Raid is one of the high points of the show. It’s really unique combat choreography that showcases the best of each character’s teigu and strength. We get through the entire battle without introducing our OTHER new character but we get another super cute girl addition. I won’t drop the name just yet cause you’ll probably find out in the next episode. Her character design transferred pretty well from the manga into the anime.

More new characters means more other characters’ deaths. Maybe. Just putting that out there cause no one warned me of the deaths when I first read the manga and Schere’s death was really painful T____T”

Episode eleven seems to be a turning point for the series with new enemies defeated and new allies established. Part of me wishes Akame Ga Kill was only twelve episodes because there’s tons of new fall season anime coming out. The anime is adapted literally panel for panel from the manga and battle action shonen doesn’t give a lot of emotional plot to review. Akame Ga Kill Episode 11 (28)It’s really just things that happen in exciting shots. Akame Ga Kill is one of those shonen series for shonen fans who want a bit more of a darker plot without getting too caught up in the emotional baggage of the characters. There are deep moments, but not to the extent where you sympathize so much with the characters that their deaths are immensely painful. It’s really in the manga that you get super attached to the main group because you’ve been with them for more than fifty chapters.

– Cloudy

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