Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 10 Review

“Your great power means you stop feeling the weight of what can’t be undone.” – Undertaker

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 10 (9)

Rating: 4/5 very satisfied clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

I love Black Butler – it’s probably one of my favourite manga series because of Yana Tobaso’s gorgeous art style, her ability to fine line details in storytelling and create attractive character. I also love the new animation of Book of Circus. However, this episode, unlike the other ones get REALLY DARK and it sort of makes me think that Book of Circus should have released in a season like Fall or Spring away from Summer. I do understand the producers fitting Kuroshitsuji in the hyped summer season because of how popularity it is but Kuroshitsuji has so many fans that it wouldn’t matter when it aired, there would be tons of hype.

I did love how Tobaso gave each of the circus characters enough back story and page time to help us connect to each of the supporting characters. Joker and Beast are too cute. Using the grim reapers to tell a quick snipper of Joker’s memories was exceptional storytelling and transition work.

Will is probably one my favourite Reaper next to the Undertaker. As insane as Grell is, he (or she) can be a BIT overbearing at times haha. The Reapers work seriously overtime in this arc because of all the deaths but… don’t even get me started about the Campania arc ufufufu.

The Circus arc is probably one of the rare times Ciel disobeys… or rather, skews, orders from the Queen. While the little Lord is supposed to collect evidence of the incident and retrieve the children, Ciel ended up burning EVERYTHING to smithereens. Doll ends up learning a harsh lesson when it comes to people and trust. Well, Ciel never really gave a damn anyway.

Mamoru Miyano is still the perfect Joker though. Especially in those happy flashback scenes.

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Episode 10 (14)

The score music in the background is also fantastic.

Really the only important circus member left is Snake now…

Sebastian DOES question Ciel on why he burns the children by decides to reconnect the other children of the workhouse to a new patron. Ciel asks Seabstian, rhetorically, how much strength it takes to recover from such trauma. Ciel says that his strength comes from Sebastian. He’s arrogant, but not arrogant enough to think he can be good and save others. Personally I wonder if Ciel was ever moved by the warmth of the circus family… it sucks that the workhouse ends up being in ruins because Lord Kelvin was lying…

I have no doubt that if Ciel was given a better childhood, he’d grow up to be a really kind person. Now it seems like the opposite has happened to him. Even Ciel laughs at the ridiculousness of the ruins of the warehouse, at the empty hope that the circus troops had worked so hard to protect – empty, destroyed, gone. DAYUM I loved Maaya Sakamoto-san’s performance in this scene. Just, amazing. What a great monologue ending to the arc…

One of the best things I love about Kuroshitsuji is how Ciel and Sebastian exemplify the best and worst of demons and humans, how they differ, how they’re alike and how humans can stoop to things lower than even demons. This contrast and dynamic between Ciel and Sebastian in their master-servant relationship is one of the most interesting parts of Kuroshitsuji.

– Cloudy

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