Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 Review

“But when I came here and saw the ocean, I felt calmer. Because I knew that just beyond it, you and Sousuke were there. My friends were there. I felt like it connected me to you guys.” – Rin

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 (7)

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 (3)I’m impressed at how much English we get in this week’s episode LOL Rin ACTUALLY drags Haru all the way to Australia and they end up in a totally foreign place.

As Rin takes Haru around the sites, Rin talks more and more to Haru and even ends up apologizing about how he forced his feelings onto Haru at the tournament. I’m always surprised at how close Rin and Haru are even though they both have their separate best friends. I guess they need each other there to drive each other forward when it comes to swimming but in terms of day to day hang outs, Haru has Makoto and Rin has Sousuke. Despite this, Rin is still REALLY GOOD at reading Haru and easily guesses that Haru and Makoto have had a fight.

Haru’s obviously never fought with his friends before but Makoto doesn’t seem really angry at Haru at all. Rather, he’s just concerned for his friend.

More reveals about Rin’s Australian past also come to light in this episode which ties us back to season one. We get to see Little Rin arrive at a new country, where he barely knew the language and had trouble making friends. Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 (14)I’m impressed at how much Mamoru Miyano has improved with his English and how the director really assembled a great cast of supporting characters to do solid English. Though the English dialogue was very simple, it was still really meaningful and it wasn’t stilted at all. Seeing as it’s an anime, we can’t ask for more when it comes to English.

I’m really torn between my favourite moment being Rin and Haru sharing the ONE BED or Rin and Haru checking out the pool where the international team swims. The show did a great job balancing the fan service bits with the friendship themes. Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 (22)I really teared up when Haru stepped up on the platform and realized that he did really want to swim. Forever. ALL MY FEELS IN THIS EPISODE UGH.

The imagery of the bird in this episode, also ties right back into the opening shots.

The episode ends with Rin telling Haru he’s decided to swim in Australia. After a long detour, he’s still chasing after his dream and that’s what makes Rin such an admirable characters in the show. We really saw him grow from this bratty angsty teenager into a very mature athlete. And now we can look forward to what Haru’s going to decide for himself next episode. Even though there were no swimming shots in this episode, I still loved it a lot and I’m eager to see Haru reunite with his friends in Japan as well.

I can’t believe the episode is ending next week. There’s going to be such a void in my anime life…

“All these memories we have with these friends… We’ll surely never forget them. And with them, we face forward and boldly step out toward a future we truly believe in…

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 (34)

– Cloudy

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