Re_Hamatora Episode 11 Review

There are so many problems with this week’s episode.

Rating: 3.5/5 complacently confused clouds Crop_35 Clouds Confuzzle

Re_Hamatora Episode 11 (13)This week’s episode brings us to a pretty climactic part of the series where three parties are moving towards very separate goals. Nice and Murasaki’s investigations have taken them to Neko and Master who actually had a back story connection with Hajime. I’m surprised Master was a super significant figure in Hajime’s past – being the one to take responsibility for her when the other scientists want to kill Hajime because of her minimum. The Freemum people have finally come up in the open about their goal and are literally demanding the Yokohama district to be turned into a sovereign nation of minimum-holders.

Art is also moving on his own and despite his new status in season two as the antagonist, we actually don’t see him do THAT MUCH… or perhaps he does plan a lot behind the scenes but is constantly waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Re_Hamatora Episode 11 (27)I’m not a big fan of how they wrote in Hajime’s minimum because I feel like they add more and more side details to Hajime’s powers. First she could destroy other minimums when triggered by sadness. Then, after destroying the minimums, apparently how power spreads with more minimum holders and bounces from one to the next. THEN it leaves the minimum-holders with a creepy side effect that absolves them of their desires (basically turning them into happy-go-lucky drones).

Re_Hamatora Episode 11 (25)I honestly have NO IDEA where the story is going. I mean, it’s cool that Art was doing this all for his brother but we STILL haven’t seen how this links to season one because Art didn’t seem bitter to minimum-holders AT ALL in season one so perhaps episode twelve will tie it together? You’d think that after Hajime finds out that sadness triggers her minimum, that she’d try a JUST A LITTLE HARDER to contain her despair or channel happy thoughts.

Art really needs to cool it with the self-righteous, pseudo-saviour attitudes because they just make him annoying and he hasn’t been given enough screen time in the second season for us to even empathize with any of what he’s doing. We only JUST FOUND OUT about Skill TODAY and there was like one shot. Previously we’ve only seen him in one other shot with Art and Nice at Facultas where he’s listening to the other boys talk. How did Skill die? What happened with Moral between season one and two that changed Art so drastically? Do the writers just expect us to forgive Art for his actions in season two just because we find out he’s doing this for his brother? Or perhaps Art is just doing this to destroy all minimum in general to create some misguided utopia.

Re_Hamatora Episode 11 (1)

I REALLY HOPE Nice isn’t dead and that they’re playing with us again. If Nice is dead and the other minimum-holders have turned into brainless zombies then there isn’t really a show left… unless Hajime takes over as the new kickass protagonist. But even then, will there be some way to revert the nihilist minimum effect? Murasaki, Ratio, Honey and the others can’t even think properly for themselves right now. Ugh I really want to know what happens but at the same time, I have no idea how ANY of the plot threads are going to tie together by the end of the show.

– Cloudy

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