Glasslip Episode 12 (things happened. O_O”)

Not sure if we’re resetting the Glasslip world and the seasons. Or if Johnathan the Chicken is to blame for this strange world flip.

Glasslip Episode 12 (19)

Beam me up Scotty.

Rating: 2/5 what-did-I-just-watch clouds crop_2-complacentcloudst

Glasslip Episode 12 (6)I feel like somehow the fireworks are supposed to tie us back to the beginning of the show but because the fireworks hint and mystery was never really solved throughout the show, we have no idea what it all means. Luckily in this parallel universe Kakeru is more talkative and actually looks ENGAGED in the conversation. Hiro is still crushing on Sachi… and Yuki gets injured when going on a run. BUT WAIT Kakeru still lives in his tent to nothing’s really changed. Seriously who lives in a tent when it’s snowing outside?

Since Touko is actually new to this town, she’s the one being shown around and her family is planning on opening a glassware shop. Touko ends up at Hinode-hama at the end of the day for fireworks while Sachi and Hiro watch from Sachi’s room. The difference in this episode is that the main characters are more or less sort of paired up already. When Touko tries to approach Kakeru’s friends at the fireworks, they just DON’T REMEMBER HER. OHMIGOSH WHAT IS GOING ON??

Right after Touko meets up with Kakeru and the entire scene just FREEZES. Yeah, something’s definitely wrong with this episode. Right when you think all the friends have met up, we sort of rewind and relapse where everyone just watches the fireworks from wherever they are. I don’t understand how Yuki, Yana, Sachi and Hiro can be in two places at the same time… Glasslip Episode 12 (16)Touko ends up realizing that this world is created from the fragments of Touko’s future. The Kakeru in her imaginary world is definitely different from the Kakeru of the real world. Ohmigosh, none of this makes any sense. So Touko can’t be seen in this world because she doesn’t have an “unforgettable place” of memories with her friends. I can’t even write this blog post properly cause this episode wasn’t created properly.

Flashing out of the fragments world into the real world, Touko is staring into a glass vase while she and her family listen to Kakeru’s mother play the piano. She’s just totally fixated in her trance. Um… was that supposed to evoke loneliness? Mystery? Not to mention the opening and ending sequence never tie in with the actual story because NONE of those scenes EVER happen. Glasslip Episode 12 (22)Personally I did like Kakeru with the four friends better than the original group cause the love triangle (with Yana and Yuki) and the friendship/love triangle (with Sachi and Hiro) doesn’t exist when Touko’s not there. I’m almost certain that Touko is high like sixty percent of the times she’s on screen. They could have done so much more with her character and brought out a lot of the struggles she has with her future fragments or even her internal conflicts when it comes to the romance she’s caught up in. BUT NO. We get NOTHING from Touko’s character at all. She’s completely fallen as flat as the two-dimensional world she lives in. Johnathan the rooster does more than her in this show. Those glass bottles on the windowsill do more than Touko cause they’ll at least spur some action in the crawling pace of the story. I only pray that Glasslip finishes quick and painlessly by next week because I really can’t take much more of this.

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Glasslip Episode 12 (things happened. O_O”)

  1. I haven’t seen all the recent episodes as of yet, but I just want to say….even after reading the reviews of the episodes that I did watch, despite how strange the show has been, I still enjoy watching it despite the hate. It’s very pretty, and I think its okay, even though it can’t really live up to NagiAsu….but it’s alright.

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