Akame Ga Kill Episode 12 Review


The first is Chelsea, a cute new red-haired assassin who loves lollipops. I want her to be my best friend.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 12 (16)

The second is a really badass neat freak fighter named Susanoo. DAYUM that boy has skillz. Can I hire him to be my housekeeper?

Akame Ga Kill Episode 12 (4)

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 12 (8)With the Jaegers, Seryu has lot a patron and doctor to modify her limbs. I’m actually quite surprised at how pleasant the Jaeger members seem when they’re not out as a slaughter team. It’s hard to feel bad for Seryu’s emotional crying when a few episodes ago she was attacking Night Raid and her puppy dog Snoopy ATE SCHERE cause I am NOT about to forgive that.

I LOVEEEE Kurome and Wave. They’re too cute together LOL Kurome is just NOT AMUSED with Wave and I actually prefer Wave to Tatsumi (probably cause Wave is more bishounen LOL)

Akame Ga Kill Episode 12 (9)

Like I’ve mentioned in previous episodes, Esdese is really quite a contradictory character. She takes over an entire army in one episode, crushes on Tatsumi in the other, recruits an ultimate Jaeger team for the military and even has moments when she cares for her subordinates’ emotional dispositions. Akame Ga Kill Episode 12 (7)I think we haven’t been given any real introspection on Esdese’s character. While Esdese drives the antagonist side of the story, the story’s author also gives us moments that almost try to endear us to the Jaeger characters. This makes it just a little bit hard for us to root one way for the good guys because Akame ga Kill is just that type of story that tries to skew concepts of good and bad, justice and evil, as the series progresses.

Naturally, the most interesting thing about the Akame Ga Kill anime adaptation is seeing all the characters come alive on the screen because they’re all such a lively bunch. They go from quaint ever day moments to in-team comedy, to epic fight teamwork and vulnerable moments of raw emotion. I do wish there were more heart to heart moments between the characters in regards to the corruption happening in the kingdom and such but we can’t forget that this is a shonen anime and a huge focus of the story IS portraying the battles. That said, I found that Tetsuya Tashiro’s action panels translated really well from manga into anime and seeing the full animation then tracing the scenes back to the manga makes you appreciate how well he’s planned out the combat frames.

Though Chelsea doesn’t last for a really long time in the manga, (no it’s not a spoiler cause you know everyone’s gonna die sooner or later in this show) I found an extra female presence enjoyable because of how quickly she can go from a playful tease to a cool and calculating assassin. Her jaded bluntness is also much needed in the face of headfirst protagonists such as Tatsumi.

Overall I really enjoyed this week’s episode and I’m interested in seeing the characters’ dialogue interactions more so than the real action fights but the Jaegers will fight Night Raid too which means… more deaths of course. We are just reaching the half mark of the episode people and we have so many new great characters… I’m looking forward to a great next half of Akame ga Kill.

– Cloudy

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