Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (48)

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds (cause I’m super biased and I love Free forever – I swear I’ll be more critical in the next review) 55rainbowclouds

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (10)Haru and Rin return from Australia to be greeted by Makoto at the airport. HARU EMOTES SO MANY FEELINGS IN THIS EPISODE OMG. ITS LIKE ALL THE FEELINGS AND EXPRESSIONS HE’S HAD FOR THE PAST TWO SEASONS PACKED INTO ONE EPISODE OMG.

The Nationals gym looks AMAZING and I love how the design came out. It had a really airy, vast, open space to the feeling – really refreshing, really great job by the animators. With the detour we took in episode twelve in Australia I almost forgot the boys still had a last match to swim. Rin has just become THE BEST character – the one who has kept going for his dream since the beginning, even though he’s taken quite a few turns and twists.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (7)Everyone is bubbly and excited for the relay until we actually get into the bulk of the last episode. One of my favourite parts of the episode was Makoto and Haru’s talk about the future. Haru even apologizes to Makoto for yelling at him (even though Makoto’s already forgiven him cause Makoto is the biggest sweetheart). Later, Haru finally talks to the other Iwatobi members about all his worries and feelings up till now and he REALLY has grown up. Some viewers thought Haru’s sudden change in attitude was too abrupt but Haru is one of those stubborn characters that really need it to click for him before he really changes gears.

I also enjoyed seeing Sousuke in and out of the episode as a third party observer. It seems like he really has his own path to take. Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (13)Perhaps he’ll get into swimming, maybe he won’t. I’d love to see a mini-series featuring him (just sayin’) but I honestly think he’d turn into a great coach if he really decided to get into the mechanics of swimming and coaching. He’s also sort of turned into the big brother figure behind Rin who watches and steadily supports him from behind.

BUT PROBABLY THE MOST HEARTBREAKING SCENE, is the one where Makoto, Haru, Nagisa and Rei end up reflecting on how far they’ve come in the club and as swimmers – how far they’ve grown as a team and MY FEELS HERE>> I JUST LOST IT WHEN NAGISA STARTED BAWLING CAUSE I STARTED BAWLING TOO. OMGGGGG. I JUST- THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THESE BOYS. UGHHHHH *stops writing the review to curl up in the corner and cry for a few minutes*

At the heart of everything, Haru just wants to swim and that’s never changed. Haru’s just been trying to mesh that passion for swimming with concepts like growing up, the future, professional sports and so on. What I loved though about that last relay was that the sight each of the characters saw, connected them to one another and actually winning the race didn’t matter so much as swimming together as friends and swimming together as a team. The imagery was simple, but it got the point and the sentiments across and what’s all you can hope for.

DAMMIT THESE BOYS JUST GET ME WORKED UP. The group hug when Rei and Nagisa were crying and Makoto tears up and Haru smiles? I just cried so much then.

To lighten the series, it was AWESOME seeing Rin beat everyone on the team in terms of times (the same thing that Seijurou did with his boys back then) – seems like a tradition for the captain to kickass before he leaves hahaha. I wonder how far NItori can lead the team though, he still seems like a totally insecure little boy but I guess he’s going to have to step up with the responsibility.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (60)Everyone is just confidently striving for their dreams. Rin still believes that Sousuke is able to swim again – that’s just how idealistic and determined Rin is. Sousuke surely doesn’t feel like he’ll be able to swim anymore but… if it’s possible, he’ll seriously consider it but he’s jaded enough to be realistic about the state of his injuries. I can’t exactly tell what Sousuke is thinking at the end of the day but at least he seems content right now.




We end the show with Haru and Rin getting ready IN THE BIG LEAGUES to swim it out. DAYUM I love it when Haru gets that determined spark in his eyes. What can I say? I’m a free fangirl and I just had so much fun with this series. Season two really made me love the show beyond all the man service and happy swim feels in season one. Season two really gave us more to love with the characters and more to relate to with the story.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (44)As much as they were trying to pack it all into one last episode, I did find some of the nostalgic scenes rather hurried in that we jumped quite a bit from one scene to the next to get the full picture of everything going on. Still, I love how the climax of the series really reflects the determination that the characters have for the future. There was really no other visual sport scenes other than the relay but I like how the producers took the show into a deeper more emotional side rather than just focusing on the competitive aspect of the nationals. It also caters well to the audience since a majority of the viewers and fans are girls who DO want to see their favourite characters feel the feels with each other.

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (83)

The conclusion of the story really does reflect the title “Eternal Summer.” Growing up and going to different places, chasing different dreams doesn’t mean you have to let go of the people that you spent those high school days and summers with. Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (80)Even when you separate at the end of summer and start new chapters in your life, you’ll always be tied to the people that you shared these crazy memories with and I truly think that that is the message Free! Eternal Summer is trying to convey. Cheesy as it is, sometimes we need cheesy themes to get the point across.

Although Free! Eternal Summer is definitely more of an anime series for girls I still think guys could have a lot of fun with the sports aspects of the series. If you’ve ever been on a team, in a club, or invested yourself in any sort of competitive hobby, chances are you’ll find something relatable in the two seasons of Free!! Free! Eternal Summer Episode 13 (79)KyotoAni has given us thirteen wonderful weeks of sparkly bishounen swimming boys. It’s pretty hard to rein in my inner fangirl when it comes to Free (Sorry) There’s really nothing more I have to say about this show. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been distraught, I’ve gotten excited and Free! Has given me a great ending to my summer. Really, summer’s not over until Free ends… but it’s eternal summer so… well, you know what I mean 😉

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Free! Eternal Summer ETERNAL FEELS ETERNAL LOVE Episode 13 FINAL REVIEW

  1. Great review! Definitely a good ending even though I’d still love to see MORE! I especially liked how they FINALLY showcased Haru’s parents in it in the show stands (because I was dying to see them) 😉

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