Glasslip Episode 13 Review… is it, over? It’s over.

Rating: 2/5 clouds 2 wtf clouds crop(not sure how to rate nothing tbh)

So I got the sense from this episode that everyone has someone gotten the gist that Touko is psychic? Like I said earlier, Glasslip is REALLY subtle about the hints and tips. Perhaps a rewatch of the series would shed some light on the writer’s intentions with the story but I wouldn’t advise anyone to sit through this series all over again…

Glasslip Episode 13 (3)Not sure where Touko is going with this but she ends up having this “heart to heart” chat with her mom and somehow has a bit of an enlightened moment with how to “move on” with everything since Kakeru is leaving.

Somehow the writers managed to tie the glass theme back into the story with Touko and Kakeru. None of the six friends have even told each other that they’ve been pairing up in couples.

Um… the characters talk to each other, in random scenes – that are SUPPOSED to be resolution scenes but I feel like the problems just kind of faded out with the dragged out pace of each episode. Glasslip doesn’t feel as much as an actual series with a beginning, middle and end. Glasslip Episode 13 (21)Rather, it feels more like we get a glimpse of a specific summer in the characters’ lives. The story moves almost aimlessly but her and there we’ll get mysterious summer-esque moments. Is it all supposed to portray some sort of summer dream? Is it a coming of age story? Is it a future-mystery series?

Even with the resolution of the series, I have no idea what this series was really aiming for. Yes, Touko and Kakeru have been sharing these visions of the future for the past twelve weeks but what has that honestly AMOUNTED to? Touko has that one scene when she’s talking to Yuki where she’s determined her future self will solve all her problems but there’s no impact behind the line because there wasn’t enough drama set up around the future fragments.

Glasslip Episode 13 (15)Thanks to the lovely people on online forums and the discussions that go online, there have been some rare but wonderful analyses of the series and symbolism of much of the show but despite this, things were just not executed well. I do think that if it takes intense observations to background, supporting symbolism and imagery in order to understand the intentions of the series, it’s not a very good series in terms of the technical storytelling aspects of film. Production-wise though, it was fantastic.

Kakeru is struggling with the decision to leave in the last episode just as Touko has sort of, not really, but I guess so – come to terms with Kakeru leaving and the group of friends changing the nature of their friendships and relationships. The characters were just poorly written. Glasslip Episode 13 (27)They’re not even good enough to be actual cardboard clichéd cut-outs of archetypes. They fall flatter than flat with poor dialogue and awkward social interactions. Well, at least Sachi and Hiro are a couple; Yana and Yuki are hinted at being a couple too (see girls’ swim club reactions to 5 o clock guy)

I’m almost certain that if we shaved off all the filler scenes of the town, the landscapes and Touko lying around in bed doing nothing, we could wrap up the entire Glasslip in a nice hour and a half long movie. If anything, the series itself is very frustrating (on top of confusing) because you KNOW how the story was set up, the love triangle, the newcomer, the insecure friendships but that’s just about it. There’s just no momentum to the storytelling nor are there really any introspection or confrontations between the characters. Glasslip Episode 13 (25)We are literally watching A SLICE of the characters’ lives, or specifically, their summer. It’s all very ambiguous and perhaps you would have grasped more of the series because you’re accustomed to the producer or director but MAN was it ambiguous. I think a lot of people stuck with the show just because the animation was stunning and the soundtrack was decent.

I have no idea how to review this last episode because nothing actually happened to contribute any kind of resolution but I really should have expected this because when there’s no conflict and barely any plot action, there isn’t much of an “ending” to talk about.

Glasslip Episode 13 (29)Oh right. What happened to all the snow in the last episode? I guess Touko and everyone’s moved on from that weird future fragments episode. Either Touko needs a psychiatrist… or we should keep shiny things away from her…

BUT I do think that the voice that called out to Touko just as she’s walking into the school is Kakeru’s so perhaps he really did choose to stay with her… is that supposed to be our happy ending? Or something?

Glasslip Episode 13 (31)

– Cloudy

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