Akame Ga Kill Episode 13 and Halfmark Thoughts

I’m quite impressed at the little King’s efforts to pair up Esdease with a guy. Seems like that’s the only thing he really puts thought into these days… Speaking of which, someone really needs to take that ugly ass minister down a peg.

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

This week’s episode focuses on the danger beasts and their grisly murders taking place in more remote parts of the kingdom. I have no doubt that the Danger Beasts will also cower in fear of Esdese. I did enjoy this episode quite a bit just because we get to see the Jaegers in action once more. Arguably though, the people should fear the Jaegers more than the Danger Beasts. Gosh, Bols is just so kind-hearted. Characters like him and Wave make it hard for you not to root for them because they’re such contradictions. Bols is a great housekeeper and dad but he’s also killed hundreds of people in the past. I don’t blame Wave for being totally shocked LOL

I’m surprised Tatsumi can still be so positive that no one is going to die on the team. He thinks that with Susanoo’s strength, the team will be able to survive and go on just fine. His positivity almost annoys me in a kingdom where everything is so violent and messed up. For assassins though, I’m a little stupefied at how there’s an actual “Night Raid” title over their headquarters. You’d think they’d try to be more discreet about their hideout.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 13 (21)Our lovely new member Chelsea doesn’t seem that concerned with the danger beasts because they don’t directly affect her. Tatsumi however is interested in dealing with the danger beasts in order to save the people. Somehow I feel like Tatsumi’s sense of justice and Night Raid’s assassin activities clash a bit. I do agree with Chelsea that Tatsumi’s kindness will perhaps one day be used against him though.

Even when Esdese admires flowers, she admires the ones that cause intense pain to wounded people. Yeah, still don’t understand why you’d want her as a waifu. I am not sorry I feel no sympathy for this woman. One moment she’s she admiring the moonlight and pondering love like a school girl, the next she’s blushing over her love for Tatsumi. Holy geez.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 13 (17)To be honest I think they could have packed a BIT more action or a few more character scenes into this week’s episode of Akame ga Kill. It just really didn’t impress me but perhaps it’s because this is starting off a new kind of story arch with the new characters of Night Raid along with the Jaegers. Episode thirteen just felt a bit disorganized because we jumped around so much. The pace seemed a bit off with me.

Right now we’re about halfway past the entire season of Akame Ga Kill which is aiming for a total of twenty-five episodes. Overall the story is moving at a good pace, it’s easy to follow, there’s tons of great action. Akame Ga Kill Episode 13 (25)I just don’t find myself sympathizing with the characters as much as I thought I would.

The series started out with a great premise. The story settles you into a comfortable group of characters at the very beginning. It was really hard to watch characters like Schere and Bracht from the original Night Raid group, die but now because we know there are a lot of frequent deaths between teigu battles, viewers of the anime or readers of the manga will know not to get too attached to the characters because it’s hard to tell who has enough main character armour (aside from Tatsumi), to survive. I really loved Schere and Bract, their deaths just flushed out their character back stories so much. Even with everything that’s happening in the anime and all that’s progressed in the manga, Akame Ga Kill Episode 13 (15)I think my favourite moment in the series is when Schere is comforting Tatsumi on the hill. That moment really sticks with me and I really get the feels when I see scenes of her while the end credits are playing. I’m just hoping that Mine, Tatsumi, Leone and the others will grow on me more as the series continues. I do really like Akame though and I hope she gets more screen time as well in the future.

– Cloudy

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