Denki-gai no Honya-san Episode 1 Impressions

Denki-gai Episode 1 (15)

いらっしゃいませ!~ Welcome to the Comic Umanohone Denki-gai store!! Come in for all your favourite games, anime and doujinshi. This cute slice of life anime opens with a group of seven manga store-workers who get into a lot of random situations. Initially this wasn’t featured on my seasonal favourites list because the premise wasn’t very interesting. And the premise still isn’t interesting HOWEVER it’s the characters that make this story quite attractive to the anime-viewer.

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Slice of life series for me are usually a hit and miss depending on the animation, chemistry within the main character group and the gags. While Denki-gai isn’t hilariously, roll on the ground funny, it’s got its quirks because a lot of the situations take place in a manga store and a lot of what the characters talk about is relatable to the anime otaku. This episode was particularly used ero-books as a medium for comedic scenes and as you might probably know, when things like H-series or boys love books get into every day conversation… awkwardness and furious flustered blushing is unavoidable.

Here are our characters thus far…

Umio- voiced by Ryota Ohsaka, Umio is a part time worker at the manga store who doesn’t REALLY have much of a personality here to be honest… but he’s there to serve as the element of “normal” within the weird group especially when all the girls are so scattered at times.

Denki-gai Episode 1 (6)

Hio-tan (yes that is her officially introduced name here LOL)- voiced by Natsumi Takamori, one of the workers of Umanohone. Though sweet and adorable, she is extremely clumsy in social sitautions and tends to blurt out weird phrases on accident.

Denki-gai Episode 1 (1)

Sensei- voiced by Minami Tsuda, she probably has the most potential to become a fan favourite. Her over-exaggerated expressions and childlike reactions are hilariously juxtaposed with her calm exterior make her a really entertaining character to have around. Her work basically drives her life. It’s not the first time we’ve poked fun at deadline-plagued, sleep-deprived mangaka characters but Sensei is particularly adorable character to watch.

Denki-gai Episode 1 (13)

Kantoku AKA The Director- voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuouka, he apparently likes filming awkward moments of his co-workers’ interactions… especially Hio LOL

Denki-gai Episode 1 (5)

Sommerlier- voiced by Takahiro Tomita, he’s the silent one in the group. He’s interesting because he has an ability to give perfect recommendations to his customers.

Kameko- voiced by Mai Aizawa, I really like this character on first glance because she’s the derpy characters he takes pictures of everything. I find her relatable in that way and I hope we get to see more of her but she’ll probably end up being more of an observer to the other characters because she’s a supporting one.

Denki-gai Episode 1 (9)

I always look for a comedy slice-of life or high school anime to help me de-stress from school and work especially in the fall season. This first episode was average for me but I did enjoy it as a light series to watch over dinner so if you’re looking for a break from sci-fi this season, for a story shaved down to a super simplistic otaku-themed form, go for Denki-gai.

– Cloudy

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