Sora no Method Episode 1 Impressions


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12Episode one of Sora no Method does a great job of showing visual glimpses of the premise where a floating disc hovers above the world because of… a wish. We open the series mainly from Nonoka’s point of view. Seven years after her childhood, she and her father move from Tokyo back to their hometown. Nonoka ends up meeting or… reuniting with a mysterious blue haired little girl named Noel whom she only has vague recollections of.

The title sequence shows a group of girls so as Nonoka settles into town so I expect the writers to flush out the back story seamlessly with the present day story. Already, I thought the flashback of Nonoka and her childhood friends reflected cleverly with Nonoka’s introductory return. The death of Nonoka’s mother will definitely have something to do with Nonoka’s internal character conflict. We already see a bit of this in the first episode where Nonoka yells at Noel, thinking she’s broken the picture from of Nonoka’s mother.


Noel is this strange and intriguing character that Nonoka met at an observatory back then who here, hasn’t aged so there must be some supernatural element here (as if the giant disc wasn’t telling enough LOL). 23Perhaps the observatory is a significant location to the beautiful fantasy-like scenes… or is it Noel, herself? How did that sparkly disc get there anyway? Perhaps Noel is a result of Nonoka’s wish? I wonder if we’ll have a lot of drama or if it’ll just turn into fantasy-friendship-oriented slice of life. Hopefully the series can boast a standard between Nagi no Asukara (the best) and Glasslip (the worst) – I mean, it couldn’t’ possibly get any worse than Glasslip, right?

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this first episode because it did something as simply delivered what it teased us in the synopsis. Sora no Method is starting out fairly strong so I’m pretty interested in finding out how this will all unfold with the other characters.

– Cloudy

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