Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 1 & 2 First Impressions

Amagi Brilliant ParkI REALLY wasn’t sure what to expect from Amagi Brilliant Park because the entire premise sounds utterly ridiculous. The only point of stability for this show before its airing, was the fact that it’s produced by Kyoto Animation. That in itself is enough to convince me to give the show a try.

Rating: 3.5/5 super curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Amagi Brilliant Park blends elements and themes of fantasy and comedy from a very whimsical and childhood-magic perspective. It follows a boy named Seiya Kanie who ends up being coerced onto the Amagi Brilliant Park cast (employee team) in order to save the park from shutting down. Oh hoh, but it’s not so simple because Amagi Brilliant Park is actually a homeland to an assortment of characters and creatures from Maple Land, a fantasy realm that exists between land and water. Their means to live is Animus, a form of energy that derives from the “fun” that guests at the theme land produce. So basically, the fantasy people feed off of the “fun”-ness. Apparently other theme parks also house different magic realms. It’s all a very unique concept to begin with. If the rumour that says many of the KyotoAnimation upper big-shots are all women, I can see why KyotoAni shows come out the way they do.

Our story is told mainly from Seiya Kanie and Isuzu Sento’s point of view. Seiya is a former child-actor who has turned into an extremely narcissistic high-schooler. Not sure why HE in particular was asked to help out and the writers OPT OUT on that explanation by telling us that a magical oracle foresaw him in a prophecy so he’s DEFINITELY the man for the job LOL. Our other main character Isuzu, more or less acts as the person who introduces Seiya into the world and guides him into the job. Amagi Brilliant ParkThe antagonist to Seiya is hinted to be Moffle, the Princess Latifa Fleuranza’s uncle who looks like a weird amalgamation of a bear and a lion with giraffe spots but… I think he’s a mouse. Yes, yes he’s a mouse. Strangely enough, Moffle from the show shares the same seiyuu as Saber from Fate/Stay Night LOL Goes to show how talented Ayako Kawasumi is.

In terms of voice-acting, I really like how Kouki Uchiyama was cast as Seiya because his voice honestly just fits perfectly. He’s a relatively new seiyuu but you might remember him from Infinite Stratos or Nisekoi. I ended up loving Seiya’s character by the end of the second episode because he’s just such a punk-ass arrogant narcissist with a good heart that he pisses everyone off on purpose and exerts his authority right from the get-go. Plus, he’s drawn by Kyoto Animation so… he’s not hard on the eyes at all. While Seiya’s only agreed to work at Amagi for three months to get the park back on his feet, no doubt he’ll start getting more and more attached to the place and I’m sure he’ll end up staying at the end. I can generally predict that’s going to happen BUT you never know, there might be a twist. The pacing does seem particularly engaging right now and the comedy is so-so. Much remains to be seen and said about Amagi Brilliant Park right now because it’s kind of set itself up like a children’s show and I don’t know how complicated the plot is going to be. Still, I’ll stick with it for two or three more episodes to see what’s up.

– Cloudy

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