Gugure Kokkuri-san Episode 1 & 2 First Impressions

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Gugure Kokkuri-san Episodes 1 & 2 (13)Gugure Kokkuri-san is about a little doll named Kohina Ichimatsu who accidentally summons a Fox spirit named Kokkuri. Kokkuri ends up becoming so attached to Kohina, who can’t seem to take care of herself properly, that he decides to haunt her… well, he technically becomes her guardian. While the story focuses on Kohina, the story is more or less told from a third person point of view. We can’t get into Kohina’s head because she’s a doll and we can’t get into Kokkuri’s head because he seems more like a two-dimensional comedy ploy.

The show is nevertheless very entertaining and comedic, from Kokkuri’s crazy expressions and reactions all the way to Kohina’s strange obsession love for cup noodles. Kohina ends up encountering a dog spirit named Inugumi who develops a strong stalker-ish obsession with the little doll.

Gugure Kokkuri-san Episodes 1 & 2 (17)

To be honest I’m not entirely sure why all the animal spirits/ghosts are obsessed with Kohina other than the fact that she happens to be in the strangest places in the strangest times. Spirits are hard to kill so those characters aren’t going anywhere. Gugure Kokkuri-san Episodes 1 & 2 (15)A strange assortment of figures end up assembling around Kohina and there’s really no coherent plot… or at least, it doesn’t seem like it. Right now we’re just put in the most random hilarious situations. What happens when you put a fox ghost, a dog ghost and a doll in one room?

The manga is really unique, it jumps from regular flowing panels to four-koma and back again depending on what the story demands. Because the bulk of the jokes happen in the four-koma style, it’s quite difficult to translate into anime because we almost jump from gag to gag with no linear structure. However, because the story largely takes place in the house, the characters are confined easily to one location and this aids in piecing together transitions.

Gugure Kokkuri-san Episodes 1 & 2 (23)Gugure Kokkuri-san is a hit and miss kind of series. Viewers will either love Midori Endo’s dialogue and humour or they’ll be turned off by the randomness. This series is not for anime fans who are looking for any kind of serious or supernatural story. I’d recommend this to viewers looking for brainless comedy in who is generally flexible enough to take whatever the show churns out. Random Sometimes I can’t even keep up with where the episode is trying to take us but I shrug it off and go with it.

– Cloudy

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4 thoughts on “Gugure Kokkuri-san Episode 1 & 2 First Impressions

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  2. Started watching it recently. Now that i think of it, i do love the anime due to its comedy and plot-less nature. Plots are hard to grasp and all, i do think Gugure! Kokkuri-san is ideal for someone who is bored-to-hell with nothing better to do or someone simply seeking some form of harmless comedy with bonus moe. Nothing dark about it, so far.

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