Sora no Method Episode 2 Speculations & Review

Sora no Method Episode 2 (1)

So many of you, like me, are probably trying to figure out what exactly is going on with Sora no Method. Granted, it’s only been episode two but after the scarring experience of nothingness presented by Glasslip we have to be skeptical with what’s going on in this new fantasy-supernatural-ish series.

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Sora no Method Episode 2 (8)To be blatantly obvious, this episode was average. It devoted a lot of time to Nonoka and another character, Yuzuki Mizusaka. Yuzuki is an interesting character not only because she has such a forward (and at times shameless) personality, she’s also keenly aware of the saucer that’s floating on top of the world. This presents both an intriguing observation and dilemma. While Yuzuki is spouting off a communal united front against the supposed evil saucer that’s been causing subtle changes or lack of change in the town, you don’t really know if Nonoka notices the disc or not. Yuzuki very clearly states there IS a problem here with “that girl” – supposedly referring to Noel, and the hovering disc. Nonoka doesn’t really seem fazed by the disc-talk. On one hand, she could know about the origins and purpose of the disc already because she seemed to remember something about her past and the wish, in the last episode with Noel. On the other hand, she could be the totally oblivious nice-girl who got pulled into Yuzuki’s crazy shenanigans. Perhaps Nonoka is the only one capable of seeing and interacting with Noel?

Sora no Method Episode 2 (12)Why is Yuzuki so fixated on getting rid of the saucer? It bothers me that we don’t really see visual manifestations of the disc’s effects on this town. Or rather, there’s no before and after reference to ground us to the plot detail that there ARE repercussions to making a wish to a supernatural entity. Also, what makes the fireworks an important plot point? Yuzuki mentions that there used to be fireworks over the lake, since the disc appeared, there haven’t been fireworks anymore. Nonoka also has a bit of a personal flashback with the fireworks as well before Noel appears. I get the feeling that Noel appears every time Nonoka thinks of and misses her mother or is sad… or both. Perhaps Noel is an imaginary friend of sorts?

Aside from my speculations on the larger plot mystery of this show, I’m also curious as to why some of the other characters don’t seem to remember or acknowledge that Nonoka was their childhood friend. Is this a consequence of the wish and effect, or are her friends truly ignoring her? Or do they REALLY not remember her? What has the saucer granted the town? And what has it taken away? These are two huge questions and perhaps themes that the story finds itself with. It’s good that a story keeps you guessing, but it’s got to keep you guessing in the right way. I give this series one or two more episodes before it’s time to move on from these vague mysteries.

– Cloudy

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