Akame Ga Kill Episode 15 Review

I love how this week’s episode of Akame Ga Kill really built up all the suspense we were waiting for regarding the big battle between Night Raid and the Jaegers. Though the series itself isn’t a personal favourite of mine, it always gives me a reason to keep on watching which is what I love about shonen shows.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

LOVEEEEE THE NEW OPENING!!!! I like the second opening more than the first but the first ending more than the second LOL

Akame Ga Kill Episode 15 (8)Chelsea’s teigu REALLY comes in handy and I somehow think it’s the failsafe escape method. The banter between Mine and Chelsea is refreshing and cute, even though it won’t last long in the series. The first half of this episode shows us how Night Raid is regrouping to help another faction fight against the Capital. The Jaegers are also shown to be investigating on their own. Of all the Jaegers, Wave is probably the most uh… proper. Maybe. He says he’s really only there to carry out his duties as a soldier but will that view be challenged as he witnesses more and more of what the capital is doing? And will he become a conflicted character beyond the shallow comic relief moments?

Akame Ga Kill Episode 15 (12)I may have mentioned this in earlier reviews but I don’t really think the plot ever delves deep enough to make us feel that destitution of the people in the city. We only ever see brief flashes of the oppressed which isn’t really enough to garner that audience sympathy that they want. The series is mainly dominated by the two big fighting forces here and the story only presents the general circumstances that provide an environment for these characters to combat. I kind of wish the mangaka had written parts into the series where Night Raid is actually helping people in the city or attempting to provide relief rather than just fighting the good fight against the capital’s forces. Night Raid wants to rebel, but what new world do they aspire to? We don’t really know their ideals but we know they hate the capital. What comes after the fighting, is my question.

The characters are great, don’t get me wrong. I just think that the series has unfolded as a story that moulds to spotlight the characters in combat scenarios rather than focus on the corruption of the world and the themes of oppression within the power-struggles. Somehow we lose that initial kingdom-storyline for the teigu vs. teigu fights and deaths which DO make for a very entertaining show, but falls short in its potential to draw out deeper political themes.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 15 (20)

I’m also curious as to why each of the Jaegers have decided to fight for the capital. Other than Bols, Seryu and perhaps Wave, I don’t feel like Kurome is fighting for the capital itself. Rather, she’s just in it for the convenience of getting to duke it out with her sister at some point. Don’t know about Ran either.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 15 (29)The world underlying the battle action and cool animation just feels a bit disconnected from the reality of the situation but perhaps that will change as we get into the latter part of the series because the story finally has free reign to twist it up however it wishes. Gotta keep watching to find out (or read the manga heh).

– Cloudy

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