Trinity Seven Episode 1 Impressions

Trinity Seven PosterArata Kusaga finds himself in a strange position when he accidentally uses an abnormal grimoire to wish for a regular world in order to cope with the apocalyptic state of the present day city deteriorating under something called the “breakdown phenomenon.” Arata ends up being approached by Lilith Asami, a mage sent to investigate him. When Lilith gives him an ultimatum – either to destroy the world and grimoire, or be killed, Arata chooses the third option to become a mage.

Rating: 2.75/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

It’s a really weird premise to begin with. The entire prologue and introduction seems quite strangely paced and anti-climactic in terms of resolution. Even as Arata is shifted into the high school setting, he supposedly has power on the same level as the “demon lord” because he “created” his own world. This tidbit of information is revealed, and then store away for later use (I suppose). Morever, Arata responds to all this rather facetiously. He doesn’t seem fazed by the magic or the super-secret magic school he’s been enrolled in. All he wants is to get Hijiri (his childhood friend/cousin) “back” because she was swallowed by the “black sun” which is the overarching enigma of the story.

Trinity Seven Episode 1 (9)The headmaster tells Arata that this school has seven powerful mages, all experts in their respective fields. The man advises Arata that if he wants to master magic as a whole, he should befriend or rather… subordinate the Trinity Seven as his pawns. What an… eccentric headmaster. Well actually, all the characters are pretty peculiar but because this world is skewed with such a freeform magic system, it’s all fair game. Literally ANYTHING can happen.

The girls in the harem setting are always more interesting than the hero himself. This episode really feels like an episode two rather than an episode one because it all happens at once and Arata just goes along with it. Trinity Seven Episode 1 (21)He doesn’t seem bothered, scared or nervous… the boy’s just doing whatever the story wants him to do. On top of that, he’s a bit of a pervert… There are so many bits and pieces thrown at us right away that it feels awkward to process it all in regards to the pacing. Among all the introductory information we need to digest, there’s also the fact that this girl named Arin is just… THERE. Well, she’s there before Hijiri has SOME connection to the gimoire but she happens to look like Hijiri, a shadow of Hijiri’s former self, but isn’t actually Hijiri. Confusing? Yes.

Trinity Seven Episode 1 (8)The anime is adapted from a manga series (still ongoing) and incorporates elements of action, comedy, fantasy, supernatural, shonen and some of ecchi. The high school harem setting always has a lot of potential depending on the personality of each of the girls. While the series seems intriguing, I don’t feel particularly drawn to any of the characters off the get go. Granted I haven’t met all the characters yet but even the “main” girl Lilith falls a bit flat for me.

If anything mentioned above appeals to you, you can check out the next episode of Trinity Seven because as this post is going up in the second week that Trinity Seven has been released. I think I will check out episode two but I’m not feeling particularly inclined to follow this show UNLESS something earth-shattering happens soon…

– Cloudy

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