World Trigger Episode 1 Impressions

World TriggerI was really impressed with the first episode of World Trigger. It did an amazing job at delivering the premise and setting up the story for a big punch of action to kick off the show.

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

We begin with a world that is plagued by random attacks from creatures called, Neighbours. As a result, mankind has formed an agency called Borders to deal with the threat. The story is told from Mikumo Osamu, perspective who comes off as a pretty idealistic and morally steadfast character. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and isn’t afraid to dive into battles despite his lack of strength. Our much more intriguing “transfer student” is Yuuma Kuga, a Neighbour, who strangely also possess a Trigger. So basically the Trigger is an alien technology that gives the users the means to fight the Neighbours. Usually those who have Triggers are members of the Border agency but Yuuma got his Trigger from his father so perhaps he’s half-neighbour and half-human? He definitely wasn’t raised on earth.

World Trigger Episode 1 (5)There have been some mixed responses to the show. Manga fans are really excited to see all the supernatural action animated this season but some anime-viewers might find the humans vs. aliens set-up a bit clichéd. I had a friend tell me “it’s basically Shingeki no Kyojin but in a sci-fi setting with aliens” – Well, Yuki Kaji IS the main character AGAIN… but I think he meant to say it’s similar in the aspect where humanity fights some supernatural race (but then again, isn’t that something we see in all science-fiction series?)

“They get what they deserve. Why would you help them?”

World Trigger Episode 1 (7)

The episode was really slow in that the series needed to insert a wide variety of scenes into the length of introductions in order to show the viewers that Yuuma is clearly not from the earth and doesn’t adhere to societal conventions or respond like humans do. World Trigger Episode 1 (10)I enjoyed the first episode because it slowly builds up that power struggle between the strong and weak, further punctuated by the contrast in Yuuma and Mikumo’s personalities. When Mikumo defends Yuuma against the class bullies and gets beat up, Yuuma isn’t really fazed by the fact that those with strength are hurting those that lack strength. A similar attitude is applied in a larger scale when Yuuma witnesses the Neighbour pursuing the bullies, he says the bullies deserve to be hunted down if they lack the power to protect themselves. Dog eat dog world, right? Perhaps Yuuma’s views on humans can shed some light on why the Neighbour creatures target humans. I believe these themes will be further explored down the road but I’ve also heard that episode 2 is as slow as episode 1 is so I suggest you all check out the manga instead and refer yourself to the anime to see all those cool animated action scenes.

World Trigger Episode 1 (14)

le derp.

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