Akame Ga Kill Episode 16 Review

Akame Ga Kill Episode 16 (15)

A-MA-ZING episode of Akame Ga Kill this week. Though we didn’t get to see all of the Jaegers engage in battle with Night Raid, Kurome’s puppets are enough to keep the action high and ongoing. I’m really curious as to what happened to Akame and Kurome to have both of them torun out so starkly different from one another. Though both sister’s teigu are related to death in one way or another, Kurome has a really sick interest in death, or rather, the living dead, while Akame has developed a disdain for death. I also wonder if Kurome has a problem letting go, or separation insecurities because she’s even kept her childhood friend as her personal puppet rather than letting him rest in piece.

Have I mentioned how much I love the new opening? It’s just perfect for the show.

Rating: 4.25/5 epic clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 16 (21)I think Susanoo is the MVP of this battle though because HE EVOLVES LIKE A DIGIMON. DAYUM. That’s the best combat animation and character design out of everyone I think. Though I wasn’t a big fan of Leone getting her arm chopped off, I’m impressed that she kept focused in the battle. After all, when teigu users fight each other, there are definitely deaths. The fact that we made it through the episode with one severed arm and a bunch of dismembered puppets is pretty tame in terms of casualties. It’s a shame Chelsea’s teigu isn’t entirely offensive. She does find her own way to fight but helping out Tatsumi.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 16 (3)In Tatsumi’s battle we find out one very important detail about the effects of Kurome’s sword, Yatsafusa – even though the puppets have no will of their own, they still hold strong sentimental ties they once felt when they were alive which gives them an extremely useful and fatalistic weakness. Unfortunately for Wave, who was launched like a hundred kilometres away, he ends up pretty incapacitated after the landing. I totally ship Wave and Kurome here omg. Both of them are actually concerned for each other in the heat of battle. Also, I forgot to mention this earlier but BIG PROPS go to Mine for blasting her way out of an acidic frog’s stomach. Now that’s a real pinch.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 16 (1)There are two main battles I’m looking forward to. The first is the fight between Akame and Kurome which is DEFINITELY coming up at some point because just looking at the credits you get the sense of how important the sisterly conflict is to the plot of the show. As well, I really want to see Wave fight Tatsumi. I can’t decide whether I like Incursio or Grand Chariot more. For one thing, I like Grand Chariot’s design more, I think it looks more complex than Incursio and reminds me more of a knight’s suit of armour versus Incursio that reminds me of a power ranger LOL

Akame Ga Kill Episode 16 (16)After all this I really want to see Najenda fight Esdese; one – because Esdese is the main antagonist and two – because Esdese has been built up to be this amazingly OP villain that no one is able to beat. Now that we’re focused so much on the teigu-users fights I wonder if the story will bring us back to the whole capital-corruption plot side of things. I’d be perfectly happy with the series even if we never really went back to talk about the politics of the capital. And lastly, the previews for this episode look great and seem to focus a ton on Chelsea so it’s something I’m looking forward to next week.

– Cloudy

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