Sora no Method Episode 3 Review

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Episode three of Sora no Method this week did a lot more than I expected. They really pushed the plot forward. All our childhood characters have collaborated in the present day due to an extra-curricular coincidence of grouping and activities. Shione is the first to recognize that Nonoka as the girl who first suggested to call the saucer. The episode goes at a pretty natural pace until the last few minutes when there are a few key changes to the slice of life rhythm that’s been established.

Sora no Method Episode 3 (13)Every time Nonoka is alone, Noel magically appears. Now that the other characters have met Noel, I can confirm that Noel is NOT just a figment of Nonoka’s imagination. In fact Noel is revealed to be “the saucer” or at least a cute physical manifestation of the saucer.

A lot of tension builds up between Nonoka and Shione because up till now, Nonoka hasn’t remembered anything about her childhood times, her childhood memories or the promise she made. What’s the nature of the promise? Why is Yuzuki trying so hard to get rid of the saucer? Why does Shione regret the fact that they wished the saucer to “come down?” and what are the consequences of the wish? There’s so much whimsical mystery surrounding Noel’s character. When she appears, an atmosphere of surrealism almost descends on the setting.

Sora no Method Episode 3 (10)I’m glad the writers haven’t made Nonoka TOTALLY oblivious because by the end of this episode, Nonoka somehow magically (unexaplainably) remembers what happens – that she was the first to call it (and that’s perhaps why Noel is so attached to Nonoka). So Noel has to disappear by the end of the series. Will there be feels? The opening and ending sequences don’t hint much either, it’s just all very magical and sparkly.

I’m not as attached to the emotional side of the characters quite yet because the daily interactions are so shallow. I really hope we get into the deeper side of things now that all the forgetfulness has been taken care of.

Sora no Method Episode 3 (25) Sora no Method Episode 3 (26)

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2 thoughts on “Sora no Method Episode 3 Review

  1. I always feel kinda awkward pointing out mistakes, but the opening line this one, “Episode tree” yeah I saw it on the WordPress Reader and I had to say something. Good review otherwise.

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