Shirobako Episode 3 Thoughts

I was really impressed with how everything in Shirobako’s third episode was structured. So much actually happened in an extremely short amount of time and all of it had to do with a crazy last minute episode deadline.

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

As we delve deeper into the working world of Shirobako, through Miyamoto’s perspective and role, we get to see first hand just how difficult it is to coordinate the entire anime production team. Shirobako Episode 3 (16)I’m actually surprised at how much hands-on work Miyamoto is given despite being a newbie in the industry but I guess because she’s the main character, and episode four of Exodus that week is basically her baby, she an especially significant figure in the production process.

Miyamoto works so hard that at one point she actually snaps and starts forgetting deadlines and pages. It’s definitely understandable why someone would totally crack under all that pressure. She does end up bouncing back despite some workers’ laziness, confusion and technical difficulties.

Shirobako Episode 3 (13)At this point I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the other supporting characters now that we’ve pretty much seen Miyamoto’s work duties in full swing. Ema Yasuhara’s role as a key designer will be interesting to explore because she’s such a shy character that even at times when she feels insecure or she strives to improve, she’s hesitant to ask for help. She definitely has to develop confidence in her artwork.

It’s nice to see the story take us into the nitty gritty aspects of the animation process. However I really wish they explained a bit more what each stage actually does. Showing us is great but we don’t know, in technical terms what each department is tasked to do or specifically contributes. Because the story doesn’t really deeply explore Miyamoto’s emotional dispositions concerning the real world and focuses more on the industry itself, perhaps more will be revealed about each department as the story moves on.

Though the story moves at a slice of life realistic pace, it keeps you thoroughly engaged in the events. Shirobako is a nice way to unwind every week and I’m looking forward to more =) Miyamoto’s various facial expressions are so amusing…

– Cloudy

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