Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 3 Thoughts

“We have neither desire to converse, nor freedom to name ourselves. Our conversation is limited to blows meant to kill one another…” – Saber

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 3 (12)

Episode three of Fate/Stay Night introduced us to a new Servant class – Berserker, whose strength and combat prowess rivals that of Saber’s. The thing is nearly indestructible due to its Noble Phantasm and killing Berserker is always one of the most challenging aspects of the Holy Grail War. Berserker is really the only Servant capable of catching Saber’s blade with his hands before taking the Noble Phantasm at point blank range AND STILL regenerates.

Rating: 4.2/5 awesome clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

A big difference in the Unlimited Blade Works Route and the Fate Route is that the first encounter with Berserker has Archer interfering in the combat. He actually shoots arrows from miles away and ends up unleashing a Noble Phantasm and the explosion is CRAZYYYY. The animation is epic here. Even Berserker’s regeneration is done in intricate red-detailing and gradients on his skin which is much more realistic than the pulsating red in the 2006 adaptation. Rin’s jewel magic also looked STUNNING in this episode.

I’m enjoying a lot more of Rin involvement in the battles especially when she personally dives into battle with Illya. Since Rin has been born and raised as a mage, her perspective on the Holy Grail War is vastly different from Shiro’s and she’s much more engaged in the magic world. As well, Shiro isn’t as imposing on Shiro when it comes to his ideals and gender beliefs.

Overall the episode was a great opener to the conflict of the Holy Grail War. We also get hints of Kirei (and Gilgamesh)’s involvement through a brief exchange at the church. Gilgamesh is as cocky as ever but he hasn’t officially revealed himself at this point, merely content to taunt Kirei for now. A few hints to Fate/Zero are made so you might have caught that if you saw the prequel. Looking forward to Gil’s meddling and gosh do I hate Kirei but he’s such an important character to the conflict of the show…

Can’t wait for those plot twists!!!!

– Cloudy

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(quickie post today cause i’m super exhausted from MCM London >.<” and much of it was action anyway)


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