Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 Review

“A battle between those who work in the shadows really is painful…” – Chelsea

Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 (35)

DAYUMMMMM This episode’s character death really got to me… but let’s start with the recap.

Rating: 4.2/5 curious clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 (7)We pick up at the explosion where Bols has detonated his teigu’s ultimate attack. The aftermath is horrific but all of our main characters survive. If it wasn’t for Leone, Akame would have died. Unfortunately for Bols though, Chelsea used his weakness for children against him and ended up killing him once and for all. I’m impressed with how Chelsea fights but at the same time if she was ever to engage in all-out battle, it’d be pretty hard for her to escape as evidenced by her grisly encounter with Kurome.

The episode makes you empathize so hard with Jaegers. Akame Ga Kill isn’t so much painting a good guys versus bad guys kind of world. Rather, they’re showing us two sides of a corrupt system where both sides think they’re doing the right thing but neither side can really do anything to one-up the other.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 (19)Probably the reason I loved this episode so much is that a huge chunk of the middle showed us Akame and Kurome’s back story. How they were among the hundreds of orphans purchased all over the capital in order to be trained as assassins. Put to the test, the girls relied on each other in order to survive but because of their close dependency, the higher-ups separated them because of how attached they are to each other. Because Kurome didn’t measure up to the others without her sister, she was then injected with drugs to strengthen her. Kurome unfortunately became tied to the capital as a way of survival. Her snacks seem to be a way to suppress her pain.

Though Chelsea tries to ambush Kurome with her deathly needle, Kurome then reveals that the drugs she’s been injected with make her pretty much invulnerable unless she’s beheaded or her heart is pulverized. We also get a few glimpses of Chelsea’s past to give her character a full circle story. Initially she wanted to climb the corporate ladder and infiltrate the world of nobles to live a wealthy life but she caught a glimpse of just how insane some nobles could be (as in they hunted people for sport) and decided to steal Gaia Foundation (her present teigu) and slaughter the crazy viceroy. Chelsea ends up having both arms chopped and dies in a garden of beautiful flowers…

Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 (28)

Meanwhile, Night Raid is looking for Chelsea and it’s Tatsumi that finds Chelsea’s decapitated her stuck on a pike in the middle of the city square as an example for everyone to fear. Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 (37)Akame, on the other hand, has already figured out that by now if they haven’t run into her, Chelsea’s probably dead. Chelsea’s death makes a pretty big impact on Tatsumi….

Man I really wish she lasted longer, I really liked her sass. You may or may not have noticed but the flowerbed where Chelsea made her first kill in the flashback also happens to be a bed of the same flowers she lies in upon her death.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 (36)While Akame wishes her sister could have left with her, Kurome sees Akame’s departure to the Revolutionary Army as a betrayal. I can’t imagine how hard it was for Akame to leave her beloved sister. As a result Kurome seems to have developed a warped sense of separation anxiety that we see reflected in Yatsufusa that keeps the dead with her. I’m interested to see Esdese and Wave’s reaction to things that have transpired in the battle. As well, will Akame really get to fight Kurome once and for all? How will Night Raid retaliate to Chelsea’s humiliating and grotesque death?

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Akame Ga Kill Episode 17 Review

  1. That moment when she died, ugh I couldn’t take it. My favorite character was just brutally cut down like that, too painful. I knew that she might die at some point, but still when it happened… so sad. Displaying her head like that at the ending, man just the kick when you’re down. I look forward to the next ep, but it’ll be hard watching now that Chelsea isn’t with them anymore.


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