Sora no Method Episode 4 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Sora no Method Episode 4 (20)Now that Nonoka’s remembered everything about the past, she can start making amends to the others for the consequences of the wish regarding the saucer. It scares me a bit how Noel is interacting with everyone so normally even though she’s “the saucer.” Yuzuki probably hates the saucer the most and her wish is to get rid of the saucer. Ironically it’s Noel who goes help Yuzuki pass out flyers even though Noel probably has no idea what exactly is going on. Noel is also unable to take social cues like regular people as evidenced by here mere curious expression when Nonoka is slapped by Yuzuki.

Sora no Method Episode 4 (7)Noel’s purpose as the saucer is to grant people their wishes but there must have been something wrong with the original wish-making at the start of this ordeal because of how much everyone else seems to dislike Nonoka. If each of the characters wished for different things then perhaps the wishes were granted differently and had different consequences on the characters’ lives. That would explain why Yuzuki and Shione hate Nonoka so much more than Koharu and Souta.

Though Koharu has been the one to support Yuzuki’s endeavours the most, Koharu puts her foot down when Yuzuki decides to recklessly protest in front of traffic. We don’t know why Yuzuki thinks these fruitless protests are going to drive the saucer away but it’s probably the only thing she clings to without feeling hopeless about the entire situation.

Nonoka is a bit better than Touko from Glasslip in that Nonoka is actively deciding to take action. She’s approached Yuzuki directly and talks to her brother Souta. At the end of the episode she decides to make fireworks happen to fulfill Yuzuk’s wish. In the flashbacks we see that ever since Yuzuki was a kid she’s wanted to see the fireworks. Sora no Method Episode 4 (17)Perhaps this will change Yuzuki’s outlook on the town and Nonoka once the fireworks happen. It’s hinted that Nonoka is very determined to take action to remedy what the saucer’s caused. It’s about that point in the series where things need to pick up in pace or emotion or it won’t go anywhere. Here’s looking to episode four for some new plot intrigues!

– Cloudy

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