Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 4 Review

“Mozart’s teling us from up in the sky, ‘Go on a journey. A man away from home need feel no shame.’ Let’s go out there and shame ourselves like crazy!” – Kaori

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 4 (2)

Rating: 4.2/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

This week’s episode of Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso showed us exactly how different Kaori and Kousei are when it comes to music and performances. Whereas Kousei was crazy obsessed with getting every single note and bar correct on the score, to emulate and play as the composer intended the music, Kaori is all about playing for the sake of music.

“You’re freedom itself…

“No, I’m not. Music is freedom.”

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 4 (12)

I love how Kaori always finds some way to sweep Kousei up by his feet and throw him into the world of music. The pressure is high on Kousei when he steps on that that stage because of his history in the classical world already. I’m impressed with Kousei’s ability to sight-read and follow Kaori’s crazy rhythms. The problem is when Kousei starts to play for a prolonged period of time, gets too into the music or thinks of his mother, he starts to lose his hearing for the notes. This happens in the middle of the performance and ends up going off sync with Kaori. However, within his panic, he starts to reflect on his feelings about the piano, his feelings for Kaori and music. He stops in the middle, fearful of ruining the performance any farther. Crazy enough, Kaori stops as well and endeavours to begin again with Kousei. Even the audience barely understands why Kaori decides to continue the performance when the competition is over for her… but she really doesn’t care about scores, points and accuracy. She just wants to play.

Kaori’s perseverance throughout the music ends up inspiring Kousei to draw out everything he has as a musician out of him to play the hardest and best performance of his life. Here, we finally see the first pleasant memory of Kousei’s music history with his mother.

“Maybe there’s only a dark road up ahead. But you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path, even a little bit.”

The problem here is that Kaori and Kousei’s partnership is that they’re both soloists. They’re both such amazing musicians that the entire performance turns into a music match almost between Kousei and Kaori on stage. Kousei and Kaori actually start having fun in the middle of the performance. Two crazy out of control musicians trying to wring all the passion they can out of the song.

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 4 (27) Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 4 (32) Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 4 (31)

But uh oh this panic that Tsubaki feels when she sees Kousei and Kaori epicly in sync together… I sense drama coming.

Honestly I think of Kousei and Kaori teamed up as a performance team, they’d become famous in no time. The performance ends up being too much for Kaori though and her weak physique ends up making her pass out on stage. Don’t worry though, it’s really nothing big and she’s quickly sent to the hospital to recover from the physical exertion.

The performances in this series are definitely the highlights of the story. Despite it being classical music, there’s so much dynamism in Kaori as a character and matched with the emotional turmoil of Kousei’s thoughts makes for some really tense moments in the episode. I really loved it and this is only the first time Kousei and Kaori have played together so I can’t wait to see other favourite manga moments of mine animated this season =D

– Cloudy

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