Shirobako Episode 4 Thoughts

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Though this episode wasn’t focused on the anime industry in general, I’m glad the series decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle from the anime world to show us more of the main characters. We move a bit away from Aoi’s perspective to focus on Shizuka, our fledgling voice actress.

Shirobako Episode 4 (11)I actually really enjoyed how Shizuka’s character was presented. I felt that both the circumstances, the character’s animation and the real voice actress’s acting with Shizuka all brought out a lot of the nervousness and insecurities that newbie seiyuus have to go through. Although Shizuka’s a go-getter persevering kind of girl, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the voice-acting world is SO tough and SO competitive, especially when you find out you’re auditioning with other extremely seasoned veterans. She ends up getting super drunk at the end of the night from all the work stress.

Shirobako Episode 4 (23)I like the small glimpse of the high school animation club’s screening just before the girls in the present day meet up. Since they’re all of different ages, four are working while one is still in school. The way Aoi, Ema, Shizuka and Misa talk about the roles are totally different than regular viewers. I really hope that by the end of the series, events will conspire such that the girls will actually get an opportunity to work on an anime series together.

Shirobako Episode 4 (31)I’m surprised that Aoi actually doesn’t know what exactly she wants to do in the anime industry because she seems like she’d be a really great producer. At the end of the episode when the animation supervisor decides to quit his job for this week’s episode… will Aoi get the opportunity to fill in???? I’m actually really excited for Aoi to take on more roles because she seems to be the odds and ends organizer assistant right now.

– Cloudy

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