Donten ni Warau Episode 5 Review

“Right now, Japan is trying to change… There are those who disoriented with the old and new together. Everything’s all mismatched… For the country and its people, it is a season that will not come again.” – Tenka

Donten ni Warau Episode 4 (8)

I’m surprised Donten focused as much on Shirasu as it did. The warden at Gokumonjo who spoke to Soramaru about revenge on his clan turned out to be a halfling shinobi from the Fuma clan who approaches Shirasu about avenging and rebuilding the Fuma clan. Shirasu on the other hand is content with his life as a Kumo shinobi and does not wish to return to the archaic and isolationist ways of the Fuma.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Donten ni Warau Episode 4 (3)I’m impressed Tenka tries too hard to appear carefree and easygoing in front of Soramaru even after he had the talk with his younger brother about their past in the last episode. I’m also surprised Tenka is okay with the fact that Tenka is okay with the fact that his brother is going to the Yamainu to train. I guess with everything Tenka has to worry about, allowing his former comrades and team to train Soramaru isn’t a bad prospect. Sousei, the leader of the Yamainu also has quite a back story with Tenka… he’s definitely still bitter about Tenka leaving the team. I really want more flashback scenes of Tenka with the Yamainu.

I’d be really interested to see Soramaru and Chutaro really grow up. Will Chutaro be as stubborn and headstrong as Soramaru? Or will he be much more carefree because he never really remembered the night of his parents’ murder. Will he constantly be looking to catch up to his brothers or be content with protecting and caring for the villagers around him?

The episode makes mentions of Tenka’s cold and at first it’s played off as comedic relief but later it is revealed that Tenka acted facetiously in front of his brothers to drive the exasperated Soramaru off with Chutaro to divulge SOME secret to Shirasu and Botan. I didn’t like how the big dramatic reveal was glossed over as silent mouthing because it already takes away from the dramatic effect of the actual reveal when the audience finds out from Soramaru and Chutaro’s point of view. Though Tenka is pinned as Orochi’s vessel and slated to be hung, if you read the manga you probably know what’s actually going on… like they would make a big reveal at episode five… can’t be that simple of course. For those of you who haven’t read the manga, you’re all probably dying to know if Tenka really dies… and you’ll just have to watch the next episode to find out.

Donten ni Warau Episode 4 (24)I really ship Soramaru with that girl form the Fuma clan. It’s strangely reminiscent of when Tenka took in Shirasu. I guess the Kumo family has a really good reputation of welcoming strangers into their home haha. I hope they get pretty far in animating the manga because the anime is doing a pretty great job with both comedic scenes and dramatic scenes.

– Cloudy

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