Akame Ga Kill Episode 18 Review

I’m surprised how quickly Night Raid has to hustle to continue investigations and plans against the capital. I wish the mangaka devoted more time to sorting out the emotional tangles everyone is feeling from Chelsea’s recent death but I guess there’s no rest of the weary… especially those who are assassins.

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 18 (10)I loved the Wave and Kurome scenes. Kurome is so adamant on fighting along with the Jaegers because she doesn’t want to be left behind that I feel like at one point she’ll run herself dry. Kurome IS right about invalid assassins being kicked off the team and though Wave doesn’t understand the capital like Kurome does, he’s luckily there to somewhat watch over her.

The Four Rakshasa Demons have appeared as the new imminent antagonists to the story and we get to see Night Raid deal with each of them separately. I think my favourite combat scenes are the ones that involve Akame because she moves with such purpose and skills. Plus she flips and twists like a graceful acrobat which is a pleasure to watch. However, the entire fight with Rabba’s fight with the two other demons. He’s an example of someone who’s REALLY mastered his teigu. It’s the subtle nuances in the strings and his creativity to rig them in different ways that ended up saving his life and ultimately slaying his enemies.

I felt that the story really didn’t show us enough of the mechanics of Chelsea’s teigu. Rather, she just goes POOF and magically transforms. Though I’m almost certain less thought went into Chelsea’s teigu just because her character was slated to die in a short amount of time, it still brings up the question of how some of these teigu are even constructed and the science behind the secret powers of the teigu. What amazing engineer designed these things? We know most of them use materials taken from rare danger beasts but some are biological, and others like that one female Rakshasa demon, uses sweat to fight is both disgusting and deadly at the same time.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 18 (23)The fun kicker scene to end the episode was probably the missionary from the Path of Peace who went up to Mine and Tatsumi and vocally SHIPPED THEM TOGETHER AHAHAHHA. All the bickering is just too amusing. Can’t figure out if I want to ship Akame with Tatsumi or Tatsumi with Mine… (yes I know which ship happens in the manga but still…). Now that three out of four Rakshasa demons have been taken out, it’s time for the Jaegers to engage them in battle again which means we can definitely look forward to some awesome teigu clashes. We STILL haven’t seen Wave and Tatsumi actually meet and fight in battle so I’m intensely looking forward to that moment when both are forced to fight each other.

– Cloudy

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