Sora no Method Episode 5- Where is the series going?

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In this week’s post for Sora no Method, I’m going to break it down into two parts. The first is just a rundown of the events that happened and my general thoughts on the episode and series’ progression. The second is some insight on what I think the show is aiming for and its intention after these beginning weeks of slow-paced storytelling.

Sora no Method Episode 5 (24)Up until now the show has been revealing a lot of back story and forcing the Nonoka to catch up with her past while simultaneously setting the stage for the characters’ interpersonal tensions and conflict. Since Nonoka has remembered what she wished for and caught onto SOME of the repercussions of the wish since she left, it’s up to her as the main character of the series and originator of the wish to resolve these problems. Nonoka focuses on fulfilling Yuzuki’s wish first – to see fireworks by the lake and in the show we actively see her pursuing permission for the fireworks to be lit up. Since the fireworks have appeared, Yuzuki has antagonised herself from the rest of her friends for years. Yuzuki’s been in her own rut for so long that she doesn’t think anything will change the state of the saucer. She hated the saucer for obstructing the fireworks many years ago and as a result, her brother was injured. From Yuzuki’s perspective as a child, it’s the saucer’s fault for all her troubles and frustrations. Though we don’t exactly know why Yuzuki is so fixated on fireworks (perhaps they remind her of her carefree childhood) The reappearance of fireworks then become a cathartic sight for her and the first promised is thus fulfilled in the series among the characters.

Shione will probably be the most difficult to convince among the characters because she seemed to be the closest to Nonoka as children and reacts most angrily to Nonoka’s return. I think the plot is trying to let the characters relive moments they lost after Nonoka’s leave. They all made promises but none were fulfilled since the saucer’s appearance and Nonoka’s departure. This is why Shione calls Nonoka a liar.

Sora no Method Episode 5 (17)I don’t think the saucer, and by association, Noel, is malicious in any way. The saucer just is. The same way that Noel just exists in the setting. She’s not a direct instigator for any changes. Rather, she’s more of a presence that exists to aid Nonoka (and more importantly remind the audience), that the saucer exists. Though the saucer indirectly caused problems among the characters, it most likely didn’t intend for such bitterness. In fact, Noel reacts very positively to most if not all the things happening around her, but especially when the wishes are fulfilled as evidenced by the sparkly lights the saucer emitted at the end of the episode.

When confronted by Yuzuki, Nonoka claims that she’s not doing fireworks just for Yuzuki, but for herself as well, to keep the promise that she had with her friends back then. I think the series intends to draw out the importance of promises framed in a setting where promises can either refer to ones between friends or overarching promises in terms of wishes that need to be fulfilled in some way. Perhaps the saucer is a manifestation of the town’s unfulfilled desires.

Sora no Method Episode 5 (43)I know I’m grasping at a lot of threads to string together coherent sense of what’s happening but sometimes you have to do that in slice of life, especially when the main element of the Sora no Method series, the saucer, is shrouded in mystery. Will we see tangible changes in the town now that one wish has been fulfilled or is the series aiming more towards personal character development that intends to bring together and kindle these friendships once more. What’s Noel’s cryptic line just before the credits really mean? “I’m really… really…” REALLY WHAT?!??? TELL US!!! MORE REVEALING DIALOGUE PLEASE because they are REALLY asking the audience to interpret more than we should. I’m using more brainpower in this series than I really should be…

Sora no Method Episode 5 (44)

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