Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 5 Review

“Your face says the suffering is so painful, too painful to bear…”

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 5 (12)

Rating: 4.2/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

I love how the series beautifully framed this week’s episode with the jump at Doryo Bridge. It begins with a flashback of Kousei, Tsubaski and Watari having fun in the water as kids. After the opening sequence we return to real-time when Kaori is recovering at the hospital. Many death flags have been raised by fans on the forum just because Kaori might be suffering from some illness and I say MIGHT because we don’t know what happens in the manga yet but the sense we get from this drama series is that it JUST MIGHT end in tragedy. Hopefully the story gets a happy ending in the manga.

After the performance Kousei’s almost decided to go back to his monochrome life, to forget about the performance and the entire ordeal with the piano. Kaori asks Kousei if he’ll ever be able to forget about the piano? The only thing he can do, his most distinguishing feature as a person is his ability to play the piano… but is that really a bad thing because Kousei IS a musician through and through despite his bitter history with it.

Tsubaki is also dealing with her own issues on love and friendship. I think she likes Kousei but can’t bring herself to go there because she’s been friends with him so long. Her baseball senpai was what she THOUGHT was her ideal guy but she doesn’t feel the doki-doki feels because she isn’t close with her senpai at all.

“Do you think you’ll be able to forget? Because you and I are living for that moment.”

Of course my favourite moment of the episode has to be the end of the series where Kousei accidentally (or not so accidentally) bumps into Kaori again. Kaori asks him for a congratulatory present for discharging from the hospital. Naturally Kousei hasn’t prepared anything to which Kaori adorably whines about wanting one. Kousei concedes to agreeing to Kaori’s one request, any request… to which Kaori asks Kousei to play a piano competition. What I love about Kaori and Kousei’s friendship/relationship is that Kaori doesn’t do these things for Kousei because of any romantic feelings right now, she wants him to get back onto stage and perform for the sake of music, because he’s a musician and she knows he needs music in his life as much as she does.

“And yet, you pick it up again… and you sit before that score. That’s how you create the most beautiful lie of all.”

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 5 (13)

I love how much Kaori inspires Kousei to dare in life, to take hold of his fourteen year old monochromatic self and hurl himself into music, into life, into the lake. It’s a moment of literal craziness for Kousei to jump off the bridge and yet it’s also symbolic for him in the way that he’s acknowledged he won’t forget about music and the stage, because he’s a musician. It’s an amazingly positive note to end the episode on and this was definitely a turning point for Kousei in the show. Good timing too since we’re just about halfway through this season’s twelve episode mark. I’m thrilled the series will be aiming for twenty-two episodes in total because I cannot get enough of these characters and themes.

– Cloudy

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