Shirobako Episode 5 Thoughts

Shirobako Episode 5 (3)

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Shirobako Episode 5 (4)This episode was an example of what happens when misunderstandings, procrastinations and personal issues get in the way of work progress. As amazing as the team can be, some members are in a rut, other times, they’re just too caught up in their own work to touch base with other members. Things got pretty extreme when the Director ended up being locked in a prison cell to get the storyboard written and drawn… I wonder if that actually happens in the real world LOL

The 3D section and animators get into a bit of a spat over how key scenes in the series should be animated. The problem is that technology is going in the way of 3D but animators still want to retain the sense of theatrics and artistry in the scenes. Together, they’d make a great compromised team but often they clash due to varying visual styles.

Shirobako Episode 5 (13)Takanashi is probably one of the most troublesome characters in the show and it’s mostly his fault that Endou dropped out as animation supervisor. It goes to show that there you need really strong interpersonal skills to coordinate everyone on the team. I’m surprised Miyamori doesn’t completely take hold of the issue and resolve it on her own but I guess in the real world you can’t just main-character over everything and fix it on your own. Resolving problems in the production process also isn’t about fixing them on your own but letting people know as soon as possible as you’re trying to find the solution. I actually want to slap Takanashi so much because he’s literally causing problems for everyone just trying to look cool while winging it.

Shirobako Episode 5 (17)As the production assistant, Miyamori has her hands full basically in every department to make sure everything is on schedule and everyone is on the same page. Things got pretty messy in this episode not only in the story but also in the pacing. We’re jumping A LOT to see different aspects of the production process but it feels a bit detached in that the story is so focused on the conflict. As a viewer who doesn’t know much about the industry I can’t piece together exactly what tasks and parts of the show Miyamori is helping coordinate. It doesn’t help that Takanashi is making things worse and worse but I’m excited for the next episode just to see things blow up and resolve themselves… things always work out but it’s the messy process that takes time and effort.

– Cloudy

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