Akame Ga Kill Episode 19 Review… ORIGINAL ENDING ALERT

Akame Ga Kill Episode 19 (16)

SOOOO after this episode of Akame Ga Kill I officially caught up with all the manga. At the moment we are at Chapter 53.5 and things get A HELL of a lot more messed up than what the anime is leading into. An ORIGINAL ANIME ENDING has been confirmed for the conclusion of the adaptation WHICH SCARES A LOT OF THE FANS. After I got back into the manga and caught up with all recent chapters, I still don’t think the anime adaptation’s art style measures up to the gradients and details in the mangaka’s visuals…

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akame Ga Kill Episode 19 (24)The anime rearranged quite a few number of events in this series in order to lead us to a different climactic explosion end to this mission arc. What WAS awesome about this episode was how much it showcased Mine as an extraordinary fighter. Tatsumi’s fight is more or less minimized for the big Seryu versus Mine fight. I feel like Mine is wearing Chelsea’s hairclips in this episode… do those ribbons stand up more than usual? I’m surprised how calm and collected Mine is in battle despite how all her turbulent emotions. Part of Mine’s overhwleming confidence and determination in battle not only comes from having fought Seryu previously (having an edge over her opponent) but also from desire to avenge Scheele and Chelsea. It was hinted in the past that Mine was also motivated to fight in Night Raid due to her discriminated past. SHE SLICES SERYU AND CORU IN HALF IN ONE GO. THIS GIRL. I WANT HER AS MY BEST FRIEND!!! Fantastic voice-acting from Yukari Tamura in every one of Mine’s epic moments.

The fight between Susasnoo, Kurome, Esdese, Leone and Najenda is also pretty anti-climactic, sidelined for what happens between Seryu and Mine. The misplacement of these events generates character clashes in places the manga didn’t have original clashes.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 19 (26)Seryu’s last explosion does give you QUITE a bit of food for thought. Every single one of these characters here is prepared to die in every mission and battle they head to. At least when Seryu is about to die she does have a moment of reflection, that she still wants to purge the world of evil. She’s a good person, just a really misguided idealist (who gets pretty preachy and annoying at times). I am really glad Tatsumi arrived in time to save Mine after all the other death it’s nice to see Mine make it out safely. So many fans are concerned for her death now that we’re this far into the manga.

A really exciting and action-charged episode all in all. If you’re going to catch up to the manga, THIS IS THE EPISODE TO DO SO because from here on out, events are just going to DIVERGE as we head to a different ending. VIEWERS BEWARE…!

Akame Ga Kill Episode 19 (28)


– Cloudy

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One thought on “Akame Ga Kill Episode 19 Review… ORIGINAL ENDING ALERT

  1. Thrilling ep and I’m so happy that Seryu finally died. My exuberant live tweets of this anime really caught that moment perfectly. Man she had it coming for so long. I’m worried about Mine though, I mean anytime a character says they want to talk about something when a battle is over, they’re pretty much a dead man (or woman) walking from that point forward. I’ve seen too many “good” guys die in this anime, my heart won’t be able to handle Mine dying too. Honestly more central characters die in this than in a Gen Urobuchi anime.

    Good write up on the ep!

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