Sora no Method Episode 6 Thoughts

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Episode 6 this week takes us back to the series’ regular pace. It starts us with Shione’s four tickets to the hot springs. Shione seems to be up to her own mini investigations concerning the saucer (including pictures of Noel). Koharu and Yuzuki on the other hand are trying to get Shione and Nonoka to make up at the hot springs.

Sora no Method Episode 6 (16)Shione ends up inviting Noel to the hot springs… uh, unexpected much? It’s beyond me why Shione would invite Noel to go with her on a hot springs trip but I guess it’s because Shione’s been alone for so long she’s somehow enjoying the company. The contrast between Shione and Noel makes for really bemusing interactions.

Souta becomes the totally cute doting brother in the events of this show though LOL He acts all nonchalant about the hot springs when he REALLY wants to go… and he doesn’t even end up going because Koharu asks him to take care of her shop for the weekend hahaha poor Souta.

Sora no Method Episode 6 (25)I have to say the show is discouraging me as a viewer and a reviewer. They haven’t focused enough on the mystery solving aspect despite the show hitting its midpoint. Last week was somewhat of a turning point for the characters already but in retrospect I feel like Yuzuki’s issues could be wrapped up by the third or fourth episode. Nice to see her enjoying the “view” of the saucer now that she’s over her own personal issues. She even asks for Nonoka’s forgiveness… or rather, she asks to be slapped back in the face for Yuzuki’s previous slap. Awwww cute friendship makeup sunset moment… fairly anti-climactic if you ask me. Sorry.

Sora no Method Episode 6 (23)The episode DOES end on an interesting note however. Two key scenes here. The first shows Nonoka pondering the saucer from the room at the hot springs in. The second is when Nonoka asks her father for a favour… I wonder what that girl is thinking. Though the mystery is SERIOUSLY intriguing me I feel like you’d have to enjoy a large part of the show due to its slice of life aspects rather than watch it to solely watch it for the supernatural elements. Perhaps I should stop overthinking the mystery of Noel and just accept whatever pace and direction it decides to go with.

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