Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 Review

“My world had changed long ago. It’s just that I never realized it…” – Arima

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 (17)

Episode six presented two kinds of developing relationships and friendships, one between Kousei and Tsubaki and one between Kousei and Kaori. Although Kousei has known Tsubaki all his life, though the two are practically as close as siblings, Tsubaski will never fully understand Kousei’s feelings towards music. Music is the one place where Kousei has been alone in all these years. Kaori is the one re-inspiring him to look to the skies.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Why does the episode start off with Kori in Kousei’s house? Well, remember how they jumped into the river under the bridge? Kaori ended up at his house to just dry off. She ends up seeing his grand piano covered in dust and books. Tsubaki ends up seeing Kaori next door and I gets ALL KINDS OF AWKWARD. It’s horrible for Tsubaki because she’s getting pretty jealous of Kaori and Kousei’s kindred spirit bond in music.

“Right now Arima is trying to turn that suffering into notes. Exposing hoth his pain and suffering, even his own struggling self, that’s how he’ll come to dwell inside his music. That’s how we play music that’s alive.” – Kaori

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 (20)

Poor Kousei, he’s totally off sync in tempo and sound… can’t blame him though, he hasn’t trained in classical piano for many years PLUS his hearing is still iffy with the piano. A new challenge is thus presented to him… Kaori is a new challenge to him. Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 (22)Kaori’s way of playing and training is COMPLETELY different from Kousei’s. She’s inspired by visualizations and imaginations while Kousei strictly mimics the score note for note, beat by beat. I wonder if Kousei sees Kaori romantically… or does he just see her as an inspiration, radiating brightness and warmth like the sun but ever untouchable… Will Kaori see past Kousei’s hopelessless as a musician and actually as a romantic interest?

Tsubaki on the other hand is really struggling with the decision to date her baseball senpai and her romantic feelings for him versus the complex friendship/sisterly feelings she has with Kousei… how confusing. And way too immature on her part because she cost her teammates the game, but then again, she is only fourteen. It’s understandable that Tsubaki ends up being a bit jealous that she’s always left out with Kousei and his music now but the fact of the matter is that she just isn’t a musician or an artist and she doesn’t understand what he’s going through or how he could possible connect with the music.

“Unable to hear your music, you try to abandon the piano, even as you cling to it for support… You love it but you can’t go near it. You miss it but you can’t touch it. Even though you’re grieving, though you’re hurting…” – Kaori

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 (21)

When Kaori and Kousei spend the night at the school in the music room, the score background music is just absolutely A-MA-ZING. I can’t wait for the soundtrack.

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 (27)On another note, it’s eye-opening to hear Kaori pause in her whirlwind of music and stop to consider Kousei’s feelings. Perhaps she’s pushing him too hard in music when he’s hurting. It gives insight as to just how sensitive Kaori is to other people’s feelings, to their emotions, to music in general. Kousei on the other hand thanks Kaori for being who she is, pushing him into the unknown, to accept new challenges in music, to conquer music because he loves music.

The scenes with Kousei and Tsubaki were really fun and friendly and warm though. Kousei is doting on Tsubaki now that he’s changing. Tsubaki will probably start seeing Kousei as a romantic interest (if it wasn’t already implied) but I hope she keeps things up with senpai and leaves him to Kaori and his music.

The closing scenes of the episode show us TWO NEW CHALLENGERS to the music game… two people who are a bit too excited that Kousei is returning to the music world. I personally think Takeshi and Emi’s seiyuu were perfectly cast. Saori Hayami’s rich pitches give Emi’s last lines a particularly emotive and anticipatory flair that really excited me. I can’t wait to see these two pianists take to the stage.

Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 (30) Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso Episode 6 (31)

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