Sora no Method Episode 7 Thoughts

Sora no Method Episode 7 (2)Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds (for effort) Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Sora no Method Episode 7 (19)It’s not that I don’t sympathize with Nonoka’s childlike feelings for loss and fears to confront the painful memories of her past, it’s that the anime didn’t present her inner conflict in a way that was visually obvious to the audience. We really only got a few scant and random scenes of Nonoka brooding by herself. Other times she seems fine going about her slice of life routine.

The show is focusing pretty heavily on Nonoka’s mother and the impact that it has on Nonoka’s present-day self. I did find the flashbacks endearing because Nonoka’s mother was the one who encouraged Nonoka to make friends with Shione in the first place.

Sora no Method Episode 7 (9)On a completely unrelated note, I have absolutely no idea why Noel and Souta are fixing Monster-san, the monster wooden character stand in front of the store. I suppose it gives Souta some screen time but in terms of the saucer, Noel claims that she didn’t want to leave town because she’d be too far from the saucer, because she wouldn’t be able to see the saucer anymore. Is Noel ACTUALLY the saucer or a manifestation of the saucer? Or a messenger type familiar of the saucer? GAH we are episode seven and no closer to figuring out the mysteries behind the saucer.

Just before the episode ends, we see Noel running out to Shione who is sitting on the bench. At night, Nonoka, Yuzuki and Koharu also return to town. Sora no Method Episode 7 (22)The meteor shower is what connected Nonoka and Shione as friends all those year ago, now in the present day, Nonoka rushes back to that very stargazing spot with all her friends. Shione passes a message through Noel, that she wants to watch the message with Nonoka… HUH?

I felt like the episode really tried hard to make Nonoka a somewhat three-dimensional character what with the flashbacks, confronting her mother’s grave and actively seeking out Shione upon returning home. Perhaps if the show had done more contrasts between the childhood times and the present day scenes, we’d be able to sympathize better with the group. While Souta seems removed from the group (probably cause he’s a guy), Shione is completely alienated not only because she’s supposed to be the “antagonist” of the series but also because she’s completely ambiguous to the audience. Like seriously, we know nothing about her.

Sora no Method has fallen into the same trap that Glasslip did. Strong plot concept. Weak execution and indecisive character expositions. At this point in the series, the most we can hope for is one episode that will reveal EVERYTHING to us in an information-dump-climactic-twist kind of way.

– Cloudy

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