Donten ni Warau Episode 8 Review

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Donten ni Warau Episode 8 (1)I really love the transitions that episode eight gave us. We start after a week-long time skip that glosses over the grieving that’s taken place after Tenka’s death. While Chuutaro is a bit in denial, unwilling to accept the fact that his Ten-nii is really gone, Soramaru is struggling once again to be stronger, more responsible and to succeed everything Tenka’s left behind. I felt really bad for Chuutaro here because his over-dependency on his brother is coming back to bite him in the butt and he even finds out his parents died by being murdered, not from sickness…

All the backstory in the manga regarding Sousei and Tenka, which originally took place before Tenka’s death, was allocated afterwards to showcase the effect that Tenka’s death has on his old comrades. I hope do we get more Sousei and Tenka childhood scenes because we really only got a handful of key moments. Though the Yamainu should technically be disbanded because the orochi is already gone, the team has been temporarily tasked with monitoring the remaining Kumo brothers.

Donten ni Warau Episode 8 (10)

“Stand proud. Be able to stand on your own no matter what happens…” – Sousei

Donten ni Warau Episode 8 (19)I’ll admit that I think Sousei is a bit hard on Soramaru but I think it’s only because he wants what’s good for his pupil. In the flashbacks we see the young Sousei also struggle with his insecurities at succeeding the Abeno clan so he’s probably the most sympathetic to Soramaru’s situation even though he doesn’t show it. For all of Sousei’s aggression towards Tenka, it all stems from a deeply rooted brotherly love and admiration for the man. At the same time, Soramaru is not his older brother and can never replace Tenka and the only time we really see Sousei lash out in passive-aggressively from his grief is in the strict training sessions with Soramaru. Sousei’s also incredibly strong for being completely able to function in the midst of emotional turmoil… well, it’s probably not as bad as when he walked in the Kumo family slaughter all those years ago.

Final thoughts…

I’m tempted to make Tenka and Sousei my OTP, man… but then again, Soramaru and the Fuma girl are so adorable together.

The Fuma clan should write a book on parenting. I’m sure that’d go great…

The government officials seem pretty irked that Tenka’s body was “dissected” after the execution in order to “find out more” about the vessel… Even though the orochi vessel has been killed, it still hasn’t stopped raining… dun dun daaaahhh…

Manga-readers are going to be waiting for those new plot twists that happen quickly after Tenka’s death…

– Cloudy

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