Akame Ga Kill Epiosde 21 – KILLING MY OTP… THE END IS NEAR.


(Warning: angry ranting spoilers below)

Akame ga Kill Episode 21 (33)

Rating: 3/5 rage clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

YES this episode was emotional and YES we got to see Mine at the height of her strength BUT WE DIDN’T GET TO SEE HER FIGHT ESDESE. Instead, Susanoo’s final death with Esdese was moved into this big arena battle. I really wanted to see Mine BLOW A HOLE in the stadium and have both of the love rivals essentially fight over Tatsumi. IT JUST SUCKS that the extent of Mine and Tatsumi’s relationship in the anime was relegated to a last moments-last words clichéd kind of parting confession. I REALLY HATE THOSE.

While it was absolutely fantastic to see Mine kill Budou, who is actually the one who kills Lubbock in the manga so there’s some sweet irony and justice there BUT I felt like while Pumpkin was destroyed, Mine should have been saved. The worst they could do is make her bedridden immediately after her confession so Tatsumi just pines over her at her bedside. Instead, Mine’s last scene with Tatsumi was utterly unimaginative and created only to satisfy the canon ship within the manga. Not to mention, Yukari Tamura is an utterly phenomenal voice actress and her acting was what made me tear up at Mine’s death. Also, Mine mentions quite a bit during her battle that Pumpkin is about “pinches” but it’s not ALL about pinches. The pinch = power concept derives from the fact that the level of Pumpkin’s strength relies on Mine’s emotional dispositions. The reason why Pumpkin because such an explosive teigu during the arena fight is because of Mine’s feeling for Tatsumi. While this is implied in the anime, we don’t get the full explanation, not really.

But on a positive note, it’s so refreshing to see Tatsumi, the guy, in a damsel-in-distress situation while Mine is the knight in pink armour ;D

At least they stuck properly to Susanoo’s death in the anime even though it was in the wrong setting.

Compared to Lubbock’s grisly death however, Mine’s death was a blessing despite how horrific it was to see the manga material mangled like that.

Also, someone mentioned this on twitter – That while the series is named after Akame, Akame herself seems to be the least explored character in the show…

And yes while I agree to the sentiments above, because the manga isn’t finished yet I feel like the mangaka is leaving Akame’s story for later chapters. Plus, Lubbock mentioned in the manga (during his torture scenes which were again cut out of the anime), that Akame’s teigu has a secret weapon but FOR SOME REASON, she is unable to access it.

Everyone be like- I wonder who’ll die next? This is worse than Game of Thrones…

Looking forward to that final sister showdown. Not looking forward to anymore potential deaths. Anime why? *goes to cry in a corner*

Akame ga Kill Episode 21 (56)

– Cloudy

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