Sora no Method Episode 8 Thoughts

HOLD UP. Basically Nonoka kept Shione on the hook for like all these years because of that one promise to watch the meteor shower together… I’ve realized now that THIS IS ALL NOEL’S FAULT.

Sora no Method Episode 8 (23)

(I put off this episode for so many days…)

Rating: 2.5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

The friends decide to enter the festival as a group and work on their festival project for most of the first half of the episode. I actually found myself completely spacing out of these scenes because save for some try-hardy cutesy comedic slice of life moments, there wasn’t really anything but filler except for the fact that the “project” was meant to bring Shione and Nonoka in the same setting to interact… somewhat.

Sora no Method Episode 8 (11)Nonoka has decided to “grant” the wish and fulfill the promise that she made to Shione all those years ago. Here, we have one of the most annoying misunderstandings ever. Nonoka was telling Noel, the saucer, about all her friends. Before Nonoka left, she asked Noel to tell Shione that Nonoka is going to leave, but she’ll be back to watch the meteor shower. TALK ABOUT MISLEADING because Noel’s vague wording and enthusiasm has child-version Shione thinking Nonoka would return in a fairly short span of time when that was NOT the case. In the real time, Nonoka makes amends to Shione and Shione starts blaming herself for not “trusting” Nonoka enough to hold her word on the promise. This is SO RIDICULOUS because it’s not Shione’s fault that she got angry at Nonoka for NOT RETURNING. And as Shione grows more and more bitter about all this throughout the years, she becomes hostile when Nonoka returns.

Shione also REALIZES all the chaos that’s ensued because of Noel, the saucer. She’s the one to approach everyone with this situation… I guess. While Nonoka thinks that everything’s gone back to normal, Shione tells Nonoka that Nonoka is still the same Nonoka she used to be… but they can’t be friends together. Like, awkward pacing much? Sora no Method Episode 8 (38)Shione needs to start being all vague and TELL HER FRIENDS what she’s thinking. At the same time, we all need to have a sit-down with Noel and have her tell everyone (+ the audience) EXACTLY JUST WHAT SHE DOES. Noel started off cute but now she’s really getting on my nerves…

I can’t believe the writers actually pushed it past themselves to do a happy reunion AND an immediately break-up in the span of five minutes. The pacing was just AWKWARD. They allotted so much time at the beginning to the festival stuff which wasn’t even important and all the emotional conflict between Shione and Nonoka was resolved way too easily by a sudden bout of emotion under some pretty starry lights.

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Sora no Method Episode 8 Thoughts

  1. Further reasons why never to trust aliens to do anything for you, they’ll just screw it up in the end and cause a huge mess for you and everyone else involved.

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