Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 8 Thoughts

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 8 (2)Random symbolic and nightmarish dreams about metal arms seem to be the least of Shiro’s problems this week in episode eight… We’ve finally gotten to the good stuff at the school and I definitely loved seeing the Blood Fort Andromeda barrier barrier in 2014 animation A LOT more than the runny red gradient stripes of the 2006 version. Oh how far technology and animation has come.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

As well, the high school part of the route in this route is a lot more interesting than what happened in the 2006 version. I actually went back to rewatch the episode of the Fate route because it was entirely different from what happens in Unlimited Blade Works. It’s a shame Rider was killed in this episode and we won’t get to see her unleash her Noble Phantasm, however, we DID get to see Shiro use a command seal to summon Saber past Blood Fort Andromeda and that was AWESOME.

Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 8 (25)I didn’t like how Rin used a command seal specifically to reign Archer in because command seals are so sparse. However, it makes sense considering last week I really wanted to know how Rin would react to Archer acting out on his own. Rin is REALLY catering to Shiro in this route, Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 8 (21)more than I thought she would even though she’s the main love interest (as if that wasn’t obvious already). Honestly, we really won’t see Rider flourish as a character until the Heaven’s Feel adaptation but if you’re ever wondering why Shinji and Rider seem so mismatched, the answer is in Heaven’s Feel. Pretty gruesome to see Rider’s dead body like that though.

STUNNING animation for Saber, I know, I keep praising the animation every week but they always give us a scant few scenes >w< I wish they had Archer appear at the school. I thought he’d keep tabs on Rin and run to her immediately if he couldn’t sense her but at least we get to see a level-headed side of Shiro emerge in this tense situation as well as Rin’s kickass jewel magic.

Caster is definitely involved in the situation here. All of which will be revealed soon.

I did want to see Rin beat the ever living crap out of Shinji though. That character needs to die a slow and painful death. Once you find out about his family s**t in the Heaven’s Feel route you’ll want to personally kill him.

The investigation continues…

– Cloudy

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