Donten ni Warau Episode 9 Recap & Thoughts

Donten ni Warau Episode 9 (16)Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Kagami should never be a babysitter… but then again it is Chutarou’s own fault for being so trusting. And it’s hard to blame him because he used to be so dependent on his little brothers. Chutarou will end up caught up in revenge for the next little while. Don’t lose faith in him though… he IS a Kumo, so we’ll see how it all wraps up. But as negative as Kagami is as a caretaker, his cynicism is necessary to push Chutarou forward.

Soramaru on the other hand is hella busy trying to maintain the shrine and finds out Chutarou was seen with Kagami. Shirasu encourages Soramaru to stick to his responsibilities and volunteers to retrieve Chutarou instead. At first you think Shirasu is such a helpful character and then comes THE TWIST at the end of the episode ugh. Soramaru starts having horrible nightmares and vague gaps in his memories… around the same time Takamine is attacked by a mysterious assailant and taken into the hospital. Mad props to Sousei for being so utterly calm though. Soramaru’s realization as the orochi vessel is revealed a lot quicker than I thought it would be but I suppose we are somewhat pressed for time if the series is aiming for the twelve episode mark.

Like I mentioned in my last blog post, there’s definitely a lot more focus on the other characters now that Tenka, the core of the characters’ interactions have disappeared. Everyone is disconnected and pretty confused because since his death, the clouds still hover over the country. I can’t imagine how Sousei must feel… Nishiki and Soramaru are SO CUTE THOUGH and totally parallel the Kumo x Ninja model we saw previously with Tenka and Shirasu… sort of. Oh gosh, how would Tenka react to the Soramaru x Nishiki ship? LOLLL

We are once again given a hint of the familiar of the Abe family who has the ability to seal the Orochi. She alone knows the Orochi best. Ashiya Mutsuki is tasked by Sousei to seek out this familiar. Of course, we have already seen this familiar in previous episodes, it just hasn’t been blatantly pointed out to us… until now. Finally. THE BETRAYAL BEGINS with the end of this episode. Botan’s discovered a way to separate the Orochi from the vessel using the spell and its ancient magic long meshed into the Kumo swords. Shirasu STABS BOTAN (and well I saw this coming from the manga but still it’s pretty surprising) and you know, if it was this easy to kill a legendary familiar, she would have died LONG ago. His betrayal, his last line of dialogue and the grisly scene of the Orochi herald the beginning of CHAOS in this world. I’m so excited now because this is where the story really really picks up. Will they really wrap it all up in twelve episodes? Hmm…

Donten ni Warau Episode 9 (34) Donten ni Warau Episode 9 (35)

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