Sora no Method Episode 9 Thoughts

“What happens to the saucer once you grant our wish?” – Shione

Sora no Method Episode 9 (10)

Rating: 2.5/5 irritated clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

Sora no Method Episode 9 (1)Sora no Method is becoming so meaningless now… they’re just dragging out a single reveal that could be easily figured out if one of the characters was to stop and ask Noel exactly WHAT happened all those years ago with Nonoka, Shione and their wishes.

Shione definitely knows what’s up with Noel now. Have they all been manipulated by Noel? What is Shione’s deal? Didn’t she and Nonoka make up? It’s clear she definitely WANTS to be friends with them but SOMETHING is holding her back. Shione needs counselling on how to better expression her emotions and communicate herself. Nonoka, Shione, SOMEONE needs to tell the audience what’s Noel’s function in all this. The suspense in this slice-of-life dragged out storyline is killing me.

“Once I grant your wish, I get called over to another wish. Just like when you all called me… your wish is going to be granted soon… right?” – Noel

Sora no Method Episode 9 (19)The planetarium is important because it’s where everything started but it ends up reappearing in the present timeline as an element of the school festival. The only thing I can really discern from this episode is that all the characters want to be together. Sora no Method Episode 9 (28)They want to be together in the planetarium to share SOMETHING they previously shared as kids. Omg… why so much pre-teen friendship drama? *facepalm* and we didn’t even get a full reveal of WHAT NOEL DID even as Shione is full-on lashing out at Nonoka. Not gonna lie. This show’s annoying me a bit. I really want answers. Where Glassliip was aimless to the point of hilarity, Sora no Method is just EVASIVE.

I suppose the quick childhood scenes between the five friends was useful. At least we knew the saucer ordeal started with Shione’s childhood interest in the supernatural and was encouraged by Nonoka’s enthusiasm. Sora no Method Episode 9 (16)So perhaps this show ISN’T as slice of life as I thought. It’s just utterly unrealistic, not only regarding the supernatural elements but also the characters themselves who fall short even of the cookie-cutter archetypes.

Why has Noel passed out at the end of the episode? Is Saucer-san dying? Is it a side effect to her being too far from the saucer?

This show continues to run around in circles.

Sora no Method Episode 9 (34)

– Cloudy

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