Shirobako Episode 9 Thoughts

Somehow I feel like Shirobako went and interviewed A TON of anime industry employees because they’re really taking their time with exploring the discrepancies of the whole dreams and realities concept…

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Shirobako Episode 9 (13)The episode shifts far from the comfortable Murashino Animation and moves us into the workspaces of Zuka and Misa. I feel a bit bad for Zuka in this episode because she’s trying SO HARD but the series is just too honest with her. The reality is that there are SO MANY aspiring voice actors and actresses but the industry is so tough to break into. Zuka has the enthusiasm and the drive, so do all the other seiyuu, she’s trying SO HARD but sometimes life just doesn’t work out. I really hope she does get a break soon because it’s just too realistic and depressing to see her receive menial work in the industry.

Misa on the other hand has been easily hired into a CG company… though, it’s not for anime and she’s stuck on her “dream job” animation tires and screws every day. It’s a stable job with great benefits and good pay… but is doing CG her dream or is it something else?

Shirobako Episode 9 (1)Initially I thought Shirobako was going to put all the girls in the same animation company so we’d explore different aspects of the anime-creation process but now I’ve realized the show aspires to do more and shed light on the realistic hardships we often gloss over with starry eyes and far flung dreams.

I’m glad to see Ema is doing well, though Aoi seems like she’s getting stretched in a bunch of directions regarding the last episode… OF COURSE the pudgy little director just HAS to change the ending of Exodus cause he doesn’t like it. Oh geez… this isn’t going to end well…

Midori also gives us a totally different perspective on the themes that Shirobako has been exploring recently. She has that dream to write a screenplay or script for an anime, however she’s still a student and doesn’t feel the pressure and frustrations experienced as a newbie in the workplace. It’s really rather interesting to see the different characters interact because they all engage their work life in different ways.

Shirobako Episode 9 (18)Lots of great food for thought in Shirobako this week, it gives many undergraduate or graduate students a lot to consider because they’re the next group of adults entering the workplace. The struggle is real, the pressure is there…

So which aspect of the anime-creating process do you think you’d be a part of? Personally I’m more of an organizer so I think I’d really kick ass in Aoi’s role.

– Cloudy

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