Donten ni Warau Episode 10 Recap & Thoughts

“Who decided that if you cry, you’re weak?” – Sousei

Donten ni Warau Episode 10 (21)

Things are SERIOUSLY HEATING UP this ewek in Donten ni Warau. I am ECSTATIC tosee Botan x Hirari scenes because they are just too cute.

GOSH HIRARI. THAT MAN IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WOULD JUST SAY THINGS LIKE “I’VE BEEN DREAMINIG OF YOU MY WHOLE LIFE.” O///////////////////O”””””” Even in present day context that’s embaressing, let alone feudal Japan…

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Donten ni Warau Episode 10 (16)As well, we’re thrown into a twist with Shirasu’s betrayal as well as the blatenly obvious fact looming amongst the characters that the Orochi vessel clearly isn’t dead. I really think it’s at this point that Soramaru really gained my respect in the manga. When he rushes up to the Yamainu to turn himself in, I’m surprised he can still somewhat smile. Dayum, this ironic turn of events is just too harsh. The period between Tenka’s death and Soramaru’s Orochi reveal seems longer in the manga. The anime definitely moved a lot quicker than I thought because it rearranged certain plot points. The fact that Sousei doesn’t kill Soramaru outright either means he’s getting super attached to his student or he can’t bear to lose another Kumoh.

The Fuma seriously begin to move at this point and the pace is going to pick up hell quickly. For one thing, the Fuma and the Yamainu DUKE. IT. OUT in front of the Yamainu headquarters.

Donten ni Warau Episode 10 (25)The “other” Fuma, Shirasu’s twin, approaches Soramaru while the fight breaks out and both heads of the Fuma appear and hail Soramaru as Lord Orochi. Shit has officially hit the fan. Poor Soramaru. I wish he had gotten violent among the Kotaro twins rather than had a tragic breakdown. I can’t believe the Kumo family has been living with their clan’s murderer all these years. I don’t doubt Shirasu is a good person… he’s just a product of his social circumstances and his ninja culture. Sigh* I really liked him originally.

Fun side fact- Kotaro Fuma was actually a real person in the Sengoku period. The Fuma clan did indeed exist.

Donten ni Warau Episode 10 (32)The episode really jumps here, there and everywhere this episode because it wants to show us every perspective of the plot, from the Fuma twins to the Yamainu, to Hirari and even Chuutaro. Poor Chuutaro, learning about the harsh realities of life with a criminal murderer…

The big twist with Tenka’s reappearance in the episode felt a bit rushed to be honest. I felt like we didn’t get enough time to react to the Fuma twist and anime-only viewers must have been hella shocked that Tenka wasn’t actually dead. The creator of the story really came through for us because Tenka will come to play an important part in the final wrap-up of the series. Yes, the manga series is finished so the anime is following the adaptation almost identically. I’m mainly looking forward to more Botan X Hirari scenes =DD

Donten ni Warau Episode 10 (35)

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