Akame Ga Kill Episode 23 Review & Pre-Finale Thoughts… SO MUCH MADNESS

If there’s anything we’ve learned in Akame ga Kill thus far, it’s that plot armour doesn’t mean shit… then again that plot armour might evolve into ACTUAL GOLDEN ARMOUR.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 23 (36)

Of course there are SPOILERS BELOW… haven’t you heard that all the characters in Akame Ga Kill are dropping like flies?!??

Rating: 3 complacent clouds (for effort) crop_25-complacentcloudst

Recap & Commentary

What. The. F**k. is happening.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 23 (4)I really hope this isn’t what the manga artist has planned for the ending of the manga series because all this is becoming rather tedious and unexpected. I just didn’t like the humour at headquarters before the big fight. It was a sorry attempt to keep things light-hearted. AS IF THAT HUMOUR COULD REACH THE AUDIENCE AFTER Y’ALL WENT AND KILLED ALL OUR FAVOURITE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS.

Why is the Emperor having a child’s tantrum and mental breakdown? How is the minister THAT influential on that baby emperor and why does the Emperor call it a “Holy War” – THAT WAS THE BREAKING POINT FOR ME OMG JUST RIDICULOUS. Up till now there were absolutely no religious mentions and suddenly this turns into Emperor-God against the rebels? I did not come here for a mecha battle. Dialogue needs to flow with the plot and action, no matter how farfetched the battle is.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 23 (23)While Ran’s character is re-worked to fit the side plot of this episode, Wave is becoming an amazingly three-dimensional character, changing his ideals to fit the situation, to fight for what he actually believes in rather than fighting blindly for the empire. I really wish he wasn’t swatted aside that easily during the fight cause you’d think his armour has similar qualities to that of Tatsumi’s, to evolve and be stronger.

I did love Bulat’s appearance in Tatsumi’s subconscious to goad him into battle once more even though I don’t think Tatsumi’s introspection on “tragedy” was as dramatic in retrospect but who cares cause INCURSIO TRANSFORMS ONCE MORE, this time going into serious super seiyan mode to fight the emperor mecha. Seriously, Incursio’s revolution was a necessary power-up for the ultimate explosive end that the episode provided us.

While all this is happening, I’m really curious as to why Akame didn’t just boot it to the main battle and kill the advisor… without the advisor’s ramblings the empror would have easily been calmed by Tatsumi in my opinion.

Seeing how much the story’s diverged from the original manga story, I really didn’t like how the art style changed during Tatsumi’s epic battle moments and during the scenes before his death. First it went into sketchy monochromatic lines when Tatsumi was dealing the final kill (seemed like they just ran out of time to animate those two scenes), then the shading and gradients diverged heavily from the regular animation in Tatsumi’s final moments. I mean, even IF it was Tatsumi’s death, they could have made the scene drama through camera angles rather than slipped in a random art style change. I just didn’t like it. It felt like an entirely different look from what we’d seen thus far.

Yo, if I was a peasant living in the capital, I’d boot it from that city and just go live in the countryside. BUT HOLY HELL WHAT WAS WITH THAT ENDING because THEY ACTUALLY KILLED OFF THE MAIN CHARACTER. WELL SO FRICKING MUCH FOR PLOT ARMOUR. And Esdese, we pretty much got it that he was dead, your narration was unnecessary if only to confirm his death to some hopefully optimistic viewers who thought he might have survived.

… Can Wave be the main character now?

Pre-Finale Thoughts

Akame Ga Kill Episode 23 (46)This episode just fell short for me. I expected the battle to at least drag out longer or incorporate other characters. Instead, the writers set up a fairly scattered plan to scatter the remaining characters across the city so Tatsumi would be isolated in his battle against the emperor. There is definitely some trick to the plot that requires Tatsumi’s death otherwise they wouldn’t have killed him off that quickly…

For the world’s first and most ancient teigu, it went down pretty easily after Tatsumi OP-ed up with Incursio. For all the repetitive mentions of Tatsumi caring about his friends’ deaths, just SAYING it before and during the epic battle doesn’t make me suddenly empathize with the fact that Tatsumi is mature enough to ponder things like life and death. If his friends’ deaths were such a big deal and the anime was going to work it into Tatsumi’s final battle as a crucial motivation, they should have added extra scenes of Tatsumi actually struggling with grief and the moral implications of what he’s doing in Night Raid. Other members in Night Raid have had a background with the Capital or life and death combat or unjust social circumstances. Tatsumi was really just a happy-go-lucky country boy. I mean, the worst that happened to him was he witnessed his two best friends’ deaths and while that’s bad, it’s not as harsh as when you hear of Akame’s back story or as thought-provoking as Chelsea or Sheele’s back story. Also, his teigu doesn’t have repercussions on his physique like Esdese’s nor does he shoulder the responsibility of his comrades’ lives like Najenda… why is he the main character again?

Akame Ga Kill Episode 23 (45)Speaking of the deaths thus far, I don’t really think Leone was one of the supporting characters chosen to survive the entirety of the series. If we’re talking about keeping or killing characters, Mine or Lubbock should have survived or at least Lubbock should have been given his proper story from the manga. I’d swap Mine for Leone any day because at least Mine provides somewhat of an emotional catalyst to Tatsumi’s strength in battle. The scene where she flashed into Tatsumi’s mind just didn’t give me feels because it wasn’t animated well enough to properly express the emotions between the two of them.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 23 (2)Also, I make quite a few mentions of this but I really wish the anime delved deeper into Wave’s motivations and character changes because his position in the story really provided more potential for character growth. His idealism for the army, connection to Kurome, loyalty to the capital but camaraderie with Tatsumi places him in a really unique spot in the political and social intersections within the frame of the Capital and kingdom. Plus I think he’s more openly caring when it comes to the girls which sheds an endearing heroic light over him. Tatsumi’s just awkward and always embarrassed when it comes to girls and we never actually see him fit those knightly hero characteristics. He’s just a battle-action shonen hero from start till anime finish.

But on another note…


If Akame was going to be the last character standing, the show seriously failed in developing and presenting her character. I believe they’re going to answer the last mystery of what exactly is Akame’s teigu secret attack. Someone’s going to die and I’m betting it’ll be Esdese because if they kill of Akame, the series will just die… along with all its main characters. If they kill Esdese, the fanboys will be angry but will survive on manga material. If the two fight to a standstill, then the entire last episode has been pointless.

I’d like to see Akame Ga Kill will take all these broken pieces of plot, character deaths and clumsy suspense to offer an ending that can please the fans and sate the reviewers.

– Cloudy

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